Friday, August 12, 2011



Appeal from the Anti-Imperialist National Democratic Front of Korea

Dear comrades and friends,

We extend you the best comradely regards.

Now there prevails on the Korean Peninsula an extremely dangerous situation where a war could break out any moment due to the desperate military provocations and continuous war drills by the US and south Korean warmongers.

As was reported, the South Korea-US Combined Command announced on July 18 that they would stage joint military exercises codenamed “Ulji Freedom Guardian” from 16 to 26 of August.

Some 30,000 US troops including the US army stationing abroad and some 56,000 south Korean puppet troops will be mobilized to the drills which are to be conducted throughout south Korea .

What is more dangerous is that they planned to rehearse the “operations to stabilize the north and transfer a civil administration” in case of a so-called “emergency”, and let the “Five Provinces Agency of the North” and “Five Provinces Committee of the North”, organs for “unification of systems”, take part in them for the first time.

Though commander James Thurman of the South Korea-US Combined Command said the forthcoming UFG is mainly aimed to build up the combat readiness posture of the south Korea-US alliance so as to cope with and overcome all the threats in the region of the Korean Peninsula, the upcoming joint military drills with the latest nuclear war equipment and huge troops mobilized are nuclear war exercises based on a preemptive strike scenario for invasion of the north from A to Z.

The drills create a big hurdle in the way of realizing peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula as they are aimed to achieve the US strategy of military hegemony in the Northeast Asian region.

In particular, as they are to be staged at the time when north-south negotiations and the DPRK-US negotiations for the denuclearization of the peninsula take place amid the world attention thanks to the proactive and positive measures taken by the DPRK, the danger and consequences to be entailed by the drills assume more serious nature.

The US imperialists and the south Korean puppets should stop at once the UFG following the desire and demand of all the Koreans and the world peace-loving people for lasting peace and security of the peninsula.

Now the anti-war peace organizations and patriotic people of different circles in south Korea are vigorously waging mass struggle to condemn the reckless nuclear war drills against the north by the US imperialists and the traitorous Lee Myung-bak regime hell-bent on launching a war at any cost to inflict a nuclear calamity on the Korean nation.

We avail ourselves of this opportunity to express our expectation and belief that your organization which opposes the aggression and high-handedness of the imperialists and values the world peace and the human progress will positively conduct various solidarity activities denouncing the anachronistic and confrontational nuclear war drills of the US and south Korean war maniacs.

Yours sincerely,