Tuesday, August 9, 2011

President Kim Il Sung’s Immortal Feats of Liberating Korea

President Kim Il Sung Crosses the Amnok River
with an Aim to Liberate the Country
President Kim Il Sung Delivers a Speech at a Mass Meeting
Held in Pyongyang in Honour of Him (Oct. 14, 1945)

President Kim Il Sung’s Immortal Feats of Liberating Korea

On August 15, 1945 Korea was liberated from the brutal colonial rule of the Japanese imperialists. On that historical day, Korea was seething with the emotion and joy of the liberation and all the fellow countrymen, men and women, old and young, paid high tribute to General Kim Il Sung, peerless patriot and the great sun of the nation who dispelled the misfortune of the ruined country and brought the spring of national resurrection to them.

At that time the august name of General Kim Il Sung was called as the symbol of liberated Korea and saviour of the nation’s destiny.

Today President Kim Il Sung is called the founder of socialist Korea and the Korean nation displays its dignity and honour throughout the world as Kim Il Sung’s nation.

Every country and nation has its patriots and heroes, but there is no such a peerless patriot and hero of all ages as President Kim Il Sung who embarked on the road of revolution in his early teens and achieved the historical cause of country’s liberation defeating the brigandish Japanese imperialists armed to their teeth weathering out all the hardships for 20 years.

Therefore, until today the south Korean people harbor the ardent admiration to venerate, extol and follow President Kim Il Sung as the benefactor of Korea’s liberation.

In south Korea, the President’s history of anti-Japanese armed struggle is described in encyclopedias and represented in the style of artistic works, and publications and internet media introduce the President’s reminiscences “With the Century” to give wide publicity to his exploits of the anti-Japanese revolutionary struggle.

The world progressives, too, highly respect and praise President Kim Il Sung as a genius of military strategy and brilliant commander unprecedented in human history.

Internet homepages and publications of progressive organizations in the world are vying with each other to widely propagate the glorious revolutionary history and undying feats of President Kim Il Sung who led to a shining victory the anti-Japanese war, with his pictures.

Thanks to leader Kim Jong Il, the heaven-sent brilliant commander born of Mt. Baekdu, great President Kim Il Sung’s exploits of liberating the country are shining bright.

Great leader Kim Jong Il is honourably defending the nation’s dignity and sovereignty from the imperialist allied forces’ vicious moves to isolate, stifle and invade the DPRK, and wisely leading the building of a thriving nation on the strength of the great Songun politics.

He has energetically promoted the nation’s movement of independent reunification by smashing the challenge and obstructive moves of the anti-reunification forces at home and abroad with the arms of Songun.

As the new morning of Korea’s liberation dawned 66 years ago thanks to President Kim Il Sung, with leader Kim Jong Il the cause of Korea’s reunification will be achieved for sure.