Friday, August 12, 2011

Poverty and racism shape life in Tottenham

Poverty and racism shape life in Tottenham*

9 Aug 2011

Tottenham in Haringey is shaped by poverty and lack of opportunity. It is fuelling the anger behind the riots.

*6,550 people, 8.3 percent of the UK total, are claiming Job Seekers Allowance—more than half the 10,500 claimants in the borough

*Benefit claimants are double the number across London—more than double the UK figure (3.4 percent)

*Tottenham has the highest level of unemployment in London
Over 50 percent of those unemployed are young people

*40 percent of young people live in poverty

*Tottenham is the sixth most deprived borough in London and council cuts are making things worse.

*The council has cut its youth budget by 75 percent

*Eight youth centres have been closed this year, out of 12

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