Tuesday, August 2, 2011

PHILIPPINES=POLICE STATE: Having a state run by bankers, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats

Having a state run by bankers, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats

This kind of people, as my comrades would say, are the ones controlling a policeman in the city or a soldier in the countryside who thinks that any protest against the system needs to be quashed out, to be lodged with the "Big Brother" state and threatening to arrest someone, even his/her family just because of doing far from theirs.

As organized entities stood up and denounced the system, ranging from the ones carrying finances to the ones keeping kickbacks- all based on usury and exorbitant fees that should be totally illegal, they've gathered every portion of the population; particularly the laboring people, but if everyone stood up and denounced what the system does against its people-they are liable to join the cause what struggle hath fighting for.

Who wants questionable, unjust fees for schools or even supporting questionable, unjust wars over social welfare and education?

Who wants taxes yet going to debt servicing, defending the rotten order as well as kickbacks to corrupt bureaucrats and billionaire finaciers when obviously be end up to reasonable ones such as subsidies for State Colleges and Universities, mass housing, hospitals?

After years of paper reforms, of black propaganda blaming the Leftists for everything, and leaders selling out to a political system run by Compadors, Landlords and Bureaucrats controlled under a greater entity all for kickbacks and the like; it is time that every Laborer, Peasant, Student, and other sectors, all PATRIOTS made it clear to everyone that we are united as people against Imperialism, Bureaucrat Capitalism, and Feudalism, of its usury, unjust fees and profiteering, budget cuts, support in unjust conflicts and repression.

During President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III's State of the Nation Address, he spoke much of corruption as primary problem, of course with his wangwang and counterflow fantasies emphasised, he didn't notice that there are bigger problems to be checked upon such as the state of agrarian reform and access to social services; but instead his words are rather vented on corruption, that for years difficult to lessen it if not wiped out entirely in the bureaucracy while glorifying Privatization and rehashes of programs coming from past administrations especially those of his bitter foe who didn't attend the session.

In assessing it, does the people accept Aquino's statement? Few would be but most would rather question him all the time especially those who end up homeless after having their houses demolished and be deprived of their employment, of students who questioned the fees that are being forced to paid upon yet unimportant; of farmers who wanted their land as theirs not stocks like those at Hacienda Luisita. All these create questions that the system ought to be answered upon.

But did the system answered it directly? Yes, but through repression. Being a rotten semifeudal semicolonial state, aside from having its Capital, power, usury, and various policies all makes everyone in a state of ruin-ranging from our lives, of having our pockets emptied, or even killed and left unfound-like those of the disappeared activists made by the ones defending the system; one of them kept on justifying it as "part of a state policy of destroying terrorists and its coddlers", of telling everyone that this and that is a front of this and that, otherwise, like the first Aquino regime, blaming the "Democratic space" for an upsurge of radical militancy!

Well...the struggle for genuine Nationalism and Democracy still continues in midst of the social crisis tolerated by the system. It is popular, it is national, it is democratic, it gives freedom, it may not been perfect unlike those trying hard to be (like the ones in the system?), but compared to the current situation, of repression and slavery today, it is worth fighting for.

Upon going outside and seeing everything, it seems that regardless of so-called "security", we're still not safe so to speak: aside from street gangs and crime syndicates, lies those who abducting people who criticize the system, whilst the system had its budget to them as well as to support needless conflicts that obviously generate much criticism unto it. Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya everyone?

Once, upon examine the mind of a typical Filipino apathetic, of appraising Efren Penaflorida and his actions, of doing small things that may affect the country, of the individualist "Ako Mismo" ideology, it questions alot that resorted to this: aside from anti-corruption and anti-drug abuse as well as crime, why not also a war on antisocial behaviour? A war on apathy?

That would make everyone much better than dropping every peso to the corrupted.

To end this writeup, here's a message quoted from the site "Final Conflict":

"Nationalists must start speaking these truths. Otherwise, by omission or commision, we are taking part in the biggest scandal in history - the enslavement of our people and many others too."

And thus,
Everyone should do so-for the sake of this struggling nation.