Wednesday, October 21, 2009


By Katleah Iskre Ulrike

Many of students studying are trying to be enlightened both by practise and by theory. And most of them are trying hard to cope with the ideas coming not just from the four corners of the classroom but of course, from the realities happened around the community. We may think that kind of student is a progressive one, trying to use education not as a total solution but as a contributing factor in solving problems. However, Not all students are realist and progressive. Since most of the studentry are simply focused much on the "references", of "boxed-up ideas", and even the "vices" in which likely for them to be corrupted rather than enlightened due to lack of real ideas and minimal approach to information. Otherwise they become too apolitical and even asocietal towards the society itself, not caring the society and instead advocating much of the trendish parts what the gentry wanted for them; like forcing them to advocate "reckless individualism", "bogus charity", of "illiberal liberalism" instead of "collective action", of "serving one's people", and of "guided liberalism."

But then,
Some students, driven by changes every year, may end up in various ideas. Some may ought to be progressive, to be moderate, to be reactionary, or remain apolitical and asocietal due to what they've seen in every event. Rallies perhaps may called them as eyesore to the streets while others call it as agitation and propaganda based on realities, Leaflets are often called as propaganda pieces or lies while others seriously tend to read it and look further in some of its sources. But the rest? Simply not caring it, and instead contenting in their contradicting dreams and vices in life.

But not all things are not just end up in a petition or in the rally, as most students simply use the electoral process as a means of change in the student council seat. I notice that for now some students simply vote groups who are "pro-student", who are using much of their popularity, scholarship than of realistic ideas which include exposing truth; as well as of having a series of short-term programs that we may call as bread and circuses to the studentry.

They may deserve to win, since most of these "pro-student" ones are using their popularity than idea most of the time, not noticing that working in the council is a serious job, especially when it comes to defending student's rights, of accelerating student welfare, as well as of making the studentry and the institution itself closer to the people. But instead? They are just mere displays, of using their position as a requirement for their jobs, of being mouthpieces of the bureaucrat administrators, and even accepting mere compromises like increasing tuition and other redundant fees for the sake of having money for themselves.
For sure some students may have experience this kind of thing made by the council, of looking what's behind than contenting at the front. As well as thinking that they simply doing somewhat contrary to their plans as elected officers of the council. Worst is that some may tried much in saying their grievances to them, but they end up none.

Are all the students simply became blind, deaf and mute as they enjoy the bread and circuses made by these people? Of thinking of the entire studentry as part of the school and not as a member of a greater society? Or are they affirming that they separate themselves for goddamn sake?
Quite sad isn't it? But it makes us agitate and again yearning for change! I myself may recommend not just content in the electoral process as a means of change, why not start reading Mao's work?:


Based in a big character poster calling the people to expose the rotten core and calling for its immediate destruction, for sure the studentry may started to create not just widespread protests, but to create widespread criticism directly against the ones who are creating such actions and ideas contrary to the dreams of the studentry! How come the council members doing most of the time acting as if as gentleman's club members than as a collective planners? Or even how come after the election the office wherein they are planning remained closed? Well... they may be good in "studies" but not in "service", they may be good in "theory" but not in "practise", but then-they are still good as sitting ducks not as barking and biting dogs! Too bad for them, for what they made is too late.