Saturday, October 24, 2009



(This writeup may consider unsuitable to those whom likely to oppose before reading it, otherwise, you need to think before you do.)

Before I wrote this, I looked at the current situation man used to see. I always used to see that man is always the actor and audience of every scene. but most of the audience, upon looking it, offer a little or nothing-for they always look at their own interests, or rather say "they don't like to get involve".

These people are also used to judge without carrying action for it, most of their criticism are rather subjective rather than objective, or I should say destructive than constructive. These people are ought to act noting too-since they prefer not to get involve and minding their own business as they always do, leaving anything aside worth nothing for them.

But what they called nothing may likely to overcome them. As more and more disenfranchised people may overcome these "Know nothing" people in this society. Like promoting direct mass action, civil disobedience, or even physical violence against social and political enemies as a way of inspiring the masses and catalyzing the people's revolution both legal or illegal.

Most of these incidents, illegal incidents rather, are promoted by urban partisan groups in setting fourth a revolution amongst the masses in the urban populace; while on the rural populace, peasant revolts appeared, mostly armed. Upon looking through, these incidents are risen from the basic problems appeared in every country, like discrimination, maltreatment, and of course, disenfranchisement of peoples in the realms of politics, economy, culture and lastly military affairs. For at first, the world is separated into two: The oppressor and the oppressed.

According to Carlo Pisacane, an Italian revolutionary, he stated that:
"ideas spring from deeds and not the other way around... The use of the bayonet in Milan has produced a more effective propaganda than a thousand books."
Somehow his words spoke of utilizing armed struggle as propaganda, whose actions are directly against the enemy and at the same time calls every people, particularly the oppressed to join the struggle. The idea of a mass action acting as propaganda may likely for people to encourage through-mostly the oppressed masses in rising up and eventually insurrect,to a stage where a massive battle has been set. The use of action speaks louder than words spoke or books written and read.
Same as what Johann Most said that he advocated publicizing violent acts of retaliation against counter-revolutionaries because:
"we preach not only action in and for itself, but also action as propaganda."

I used to think that these kinds of action increases the will of every people to rise up and fight-especially that the problem, the basic problem remains intact. And so was what Mao Zedong said that, concerning the people's war:
"China's masses are the greatest conceivable weapon for fighting against Japanese imperialism and domestic reactionaries. Basic strategic points for war against the Kuomintang are also enumerated."
And on revolutionary heroism that:
"The same limitless creative energy of the masses is also visible in the army, in their fighting style and indomitable will."
Upon looking through, these kind of acts made by the revolutionaries also act as a propaganda in setting fourth the said plan for liberation. An act to encourage the oppressed to join through-from the streets to the field, from the buildings to the forests, from the stone to the grenade and lastly: from the plackard to the rifle.

Once, I think of these ideas may catalyze the idea of liberating humanity from the stereotypical humanity we used to-humanity today is a mere facelift, a mere piece of paper written, or at worst-humanity for humanity's sake, a bogus kind of concept-idea which is too contrary to the ideas of the people. Real humanity vested on total action, total deed, since more and more are in need of an immediate action based on what they seen and judged rather than being seen, judged and nothing at all. Or rather say that through these acts and deeds made by the revolution and its people whom used to serve, more and more will rise rise up from its slumber and join in its ranks to continue the massive struggle set through.