Sunday, October 25, 2009



While I was walking towards my last class, I was thinking about the situation prevailing today, for most of the youth I usually see are becoming too "contented" than of an "idealist" regarding the society.

What makes me say that these people are contented was because these people are contenting much in two idea-actions prevailing amongst themselves: of studies and of vices. These two are somewhat as if an addictive substance that may end up beneficial or corrupt, worse is that they may not care much about the outcome around the society-just because they focused much on themselves.

But these youth are trying hard to say that they are the nation's hope, but how come they are the nation's hope if they are just contenting with themselves than of joining with the people? Somehow they tried much in studying and enjoying, and may think that activism or other mass work may affect their usual actions-and even criticizing that they are "subversive", "unrealistic", "tardy", but how come they are just because they don't go to school most of the time? Of not contenting just like them? Of not not enjoying like theirs? Or of being insecure because of their ideas?

A over-contented, apolitical, asocietal youth is not the youth of Rizal, Bonifacio, Evangelista, Luna, or any other patriot, but of Fray Miguel Lucio y Bustamante. And these people, just like Bustamante's Tandang Basio Macunat, thinks that man must be contented than of doing something for a positive change; since Fray Bustamante, through Tandang Basio said that better for a Filipino to stay in his farm and tend his carabao than of studying in Manila or he may end up addicted in vices around him. If I put Bustamante in a modern day context, I may say that a student must content in the four corners of the room and studying for a long long time, and even enjoying much in the computer shop, billard hall, or company of skimpy clothed women than of joining in a rally for "it may cause harm to them." Bah! Is this what we call tomorrow's hope? Of becoming Basio Macunat than of Bonifacio? Of speaking like Fray Bustamante than of Jose Rizal?

Jose Rizal, through his work El Filibusterismo, sought how Huli end up committed suicide just because of her ceaseless prayer and working with Hermana Penchang for she thinks that it may change their lives, only to end up being raped by a priest; while on real side of Philippine History, Lorena Barros, with her idealism and of realities around, joined in the struggle for national democracy and of women's emancipation despite her background; for sure we may say that we may choose Lorena over Huli, but the ones contenting and at the same time choosing Lorena are acting like Huli than Lorena! How contradicting!

For sure people may criticize for saying that more and more Basio Macunats will come around the world, for they don't think of an outcome wherein these people are simply thinking too little in a guise of enough-of contenting in short activities of life: of being contented in the four corners of home, school, computer shop, school again, workplace. More and more Basio Macunats will come if they are not opened to reality, more and more Basio Macunats will rise if they not reivive their consciouness, and more and more Basio Macunats will dominate if they content all of their lives.