Saturday, October 24, 2009

Mass Media, Propaganda, and the Society

Mass Media, Propaganda, and the Society

Today, Mass media is more like a tool used to propagate the bourgeois kind of society prevailing. Since most of it pertains to the extravagant lifestyle which is contrast to the realities we encounter. Marred by the intervention and manipulation by the bourgeoisie and the imperialists, liquidations of some journalists and other media practitioners, and censorship of every work of art, still, every people still wanted to seek the truth, aside from those kind of truths prevailing today. Thanks to the use of alternative media in disseminating the truths and information given to them, in spite of anomalies and problems set though in pursuit of destroying it Many people find ways on seeking truth from facts in pursuit of what is going on and what is the truth behind the facts, the myths set fourth in the society today.

First and foremost, Mass media, a part of human society, is a contributor of human affairs, especially in giving ideas and events to every people. It is serve as a propaganda tool in disseminating the pros and cons of every individual or every group in pursuit of their beliefs they must defend or offend, as part of our daily lives in giving entertainment and in educating every citizen in this kind of struggling world we belong. However, we must state that It is not true that broadcasting, or rather say mass media in general can exist as a separate entity what outside, or rather say the current age that it portrays. it is more than any form of public life it has the duty to reflect and give expression in every human life, to our time and it requires to hear the needs, and demands of our time. Especially from the toiling masses whom used to get to know about the issue or having some time to get inspired at the stories being seen, played or heard.

In fact, our line in Mass Media, as part of Literature and art, must be according to the ideas of every people, both its creator and the audience, whether it is real or from its imagination, in giving life through the art of writing to the use of radio and in television. We must also respond to the aspirations of the people, primarily the masses since they are the majority of the viewers and readers of our works to be read or viewn. It must also shown the ideas, real ideas what the writer has made as well as the ideas what the people wanted to say, rather than the ideas vested by a clique of others, especially the subjectivist bourgeois thought as what mainstream media used to do. From visual art to the realms of music and in the internet.

Upon doing this, this idea of mass media as a part of society shows that every people needs a voice to propagate, guided by new ideas in spreading words which can be recorded and left into history. Especially in giving the people a chance to hear, to see, to read every word which is to entertain, to educate, to propagate new ideas since the people had the demand, the need for it. As what Mao Zedong said to us that: "Let a hundred flowers bloom, let the hundred schools of thought contend." And so through these words given, we must speak out against problems in the society. And using media as a weapon, we will surely encourage every people to arouse, organize and mobilize against the threat we are trying to destroy-all in the name of the masses, guided by the will of the progressive people as a main collective force and a vanguard of democracy. Defending it against all subversive acts of hostile elements at home and abroad.

In my own perspective about media, the strength of media, from print to television lies in creating the right mix of entertainment, enjoyment, education, instruction, and politics. Every plan, experiment are made by every writer or practitioner to be disseminated to every people Since the need for a new idea, a new culture, a new stage has been set through by the will of the people. Made and guided by free men and new ideas according to the needs and wants of the entire masses. We must know that we intellectuals, along with farmers and workers must be considered as the Architects and Engineers of the human soul, whether he or she is a writer, a broadcaster, a journalist, a preacher, even a farmer and a lowly messenger may do for the sake of the people whether it carries the purpose of being productive or defensive rather than destructive the goals and aspirations of the people since we wanted to have these people be imbued with an new idea according to their will. We must consider that our production of ideas is more important than the production of materials needed for creating a strong nation, and therefore we must be proud of it.