Saturday, February 6, 2010

Watching Mrs. B

Watching Mrs. B

It was 3:16 PM as I sat on the cinema chair waiting for the event to start, waiting as more and more spectators are starting to seat in their respective chairs as the presentation nearly started over.

That event, as I watched over, is a realistic one-it mirrors a mother's life and one of the major atrocities the reactionary government of the Republic of the Philippines unleashed against the progressives.

Entitled "Mrs. B" based on Editha Burgos's life, was about a mother's life, from being a Carmelite nun wannabe only to become a wife of a journalist and a mother of an activist who end up disappeared last 2007. For sure most news reports were even tackled about it-from blaming the military courtesy from the progressives to blaming the communists by the reactionaries like the AFP and its cohorts.
And yet,
Editha Burgos struggled to search Jonas, as she called every agency both local and international to surface her son and even the others who became victims of forced disappearances around the country. And as always, the right-wingers continue branding Burgos as a communist or whatsoever against him-that makes the former Carmelite nun wannabe rose up, joined in the ranks of the protesters and as if becoming like her beloved son.

As I continued watching every scene, Gina Alajar, taking up the role of Mrs. Burgos, spoke of her beloved family, of fried lechon, of other delicacies she taught from home economics class during her college days, of being obedient to her parents (as she clings to the statement 'obedience is a virtue') and even the days with her beloved husband, Mrs. B gives us a slice of her life alongside her continuous defiance against the system whom involved with the abduction of her beloved Jonas.

Somehow, I was nearly wept too as I listened to every word being stated in every scene-with the finale saying "justice, freedom and democracy," And in the end, after the show, I congratuated director Socrates Jose (who directs shows on GMA channel 7) who even asking me if I wept, and I replied by saying "almost" that make both of us laughed, same as the two actors who played as soldiers abducting Jonas, along with signing at the back of the ticket I have bought upon watching.

To make the story short,
A mother, just like any other closed one, will always be looking for her beloved; beyond life and death, a mother will always do her part especially in making her children happy no matter how life is, but as for Mrs. Burgos's case-she will continously searching for her beloved Jonas, whether he is still alive or as a battered corpse, just only to be with him-same as others who are still looking at persons who became victims of forced dissapearances, not just in the Philippines but in the world.