Monday, February 15, 2010

As May day comes

As May day comes

Many people around the world for sure are waiting for this one of a kind special day, and that is the day wherein the harvests are ripe and ready to be harvested, followed by a celebration-starting in the first of May.

Morris Dancing in England, a part of a May Day event

May Day, as what most people called, is the festival wherein most people are dancing, enjoying the first harvests and even attending mass since that day also connotates with the Blessed Virgin Mary, but in a societal sense, it is more related to harvest and of labor, and in case of pagans-of the goddess flora and other deities related to the month of may.

An early Russian May Day poster

An old East German May Day stamp

But then,
Despite its festival like intentions, May Day, in a contemporary sense is rather synonymous to our Labor Day, especially in the Philippines. Wherein in lieu of dance, wine and song of joy, protest marches and songs of labor and even dances against the system were being made as the rest of the world also do so, both enjoyment and of protest, made during the first of may.

And for sure most of us, the slackers and the confessed apathetics around, also think of it as a start for taking advantage in completing the entire summer holiday, like the first part-enjoyment and pleasure makes May Day a part of a happy holiday people, especially the youth liken, as they tried much in filling every month before the common day of classes starts! Well... it all happens in that last resting month, starting with the first of may!