Wednesday, February 17, 2010



Last February 6, 2010, 43 health practitioners and volunteers were abducted by the fascist military in the town of Morong in the province of Rizal. This desperate action made by the fascist military thugs is a part of a "counter-insurgency" action made to destroy the revolutionary forces in the Philippines.

According to the statement made by the Health Alliance for Democracy, a progressive leaning organization for health workers and practitioners:
"Around 300 soldiers and police of the Southern Luzon Command of the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Rizal Philippine National Police and headed by Colonel Aurelio Baladad and Police Superintendent Balonglong, respectively, forcibly entered the farmhouse of Dr. Melecia Velmonte around 6:15 this morning. The training participants were then lined up, frisked, blindfolded, and forcibly brought to Camp Capinpin, headquarters of the 202nd Infantry Brigade, AFP."

For sure this kind of action made by the fascist thugs are seemingly also creating fabricated reasons as a "proof" that they are terrorists. And according to theirs:
" of the arrested NPA, Valentino Paulino or "Ka Beloy" already confessed that he and the 42 others were members of guerilla movement that even his two (2) companions were amongst who hostage a police inspector sometime in 2009. This was published by Jocelyn Uy in the February 11 issue of the Philippine Daily Inquirer entitled, “Self-confessed NPA says he, 42 health workers are rebels."
And thus,
these shows how the fascist military thugs creating a fabricated action wherein calling them as rebels and in a pretext of "urging them to return to the fold of law", creating false "confessions" and forcing them to say to the abducted as a fact. This desperate action for sure may call it as a ploy and a means to underestimate and generalize the progressive leaning health practitioners as rebels. With some fabricated causes, justifying their illegal action, as what the fascists said:
"...Their charges includes three counts of illegal possession of firearms, three counts of violation of the Commission on Election gun ban and one count of illegal possession of explosives. Several firearms and explosives were also seized from the group during the arrest..."

Being a progressive or rather say a "left-leaning" individual won't make you a terrorist. And for sure living in a democratic country means to say that we need to respect each other's views and yet the fascists, in a pretext of "saving the republic and protecting democracy" do illegal means to conclude these progressive leaning persons as terrorists! And for sure we all remind of the case, Burgos vs. Chief of staff, wherein Burgos was imprisoned for a mere cause of having subversive documents and yet without any warrant of arrest (with a cause) to justify in capturing him! Same as the Morong 43 who are captured without any cause but of a mere allegation of "colliding with the enemy" and of "having firearms" which in fact not but of a fascist ploy! In short: these feeble minded fascists are as stupid as ever, if they want to be an emissaries of peace, of seriously undertaking peace and willing to enter a parley, then enough this stupidity!

Imagine, doing an illegal abduction in a pretext of arrest? Of doing fabricated reasons and ploys to call them as terrorists? Then who's the terrorist then? The ones who provide health or the ones who provide death?

And out of this kind of action the fascists being undertaken, the progressive peoples both Philippines and of the world are strongly condemned this desperate kind of action the military hath set. Of blaming these progressive health practitioners, who served the poor for free as terrorists, same as those who experienced these kind of actions that affected the rest of the people not only here but also around the world.