Saturday, November 28, 2009



They died because of a simple reason: Their profession.

And working for it for the sake of having a good salary and a simple fame made them trying to put themselves in the forefront, acting as cannon fodder and end whether to be called as successful or as a cold corpse; this kind of job also shows how these people made their talent a passion, but around them called it as a hindrance to their action, being prone to bribery, to gifts, to threats, or even to the grave-just like those in Maguindanao where some of the martyrs and passion bearers of our history are media practitioners, particularly journalists working in famous media entities from radio to the print; and how deeply sad that the entire media in the Philippines and in the world is in a state of sorrow.

Being a media practitioner is more of a martyr than of a hero, a victim than of a victor, a liability than of an asset, and as a cannon fodder in order to get a greatest scope in any means-making their talent and action a contributing factor in sacrificing themselves and becoming an inspiration in disseminating truthful information to the people and in agitating them.
True, since these media practitioners tried much in searing the truth from scratching the surface to deeply digging the facts in it and end up as well written articles full of stingy truths pointing at someone else. And the Maguindanao problem was a desperate action wherein killing media practitioners and other people is an attempt to curb away "truth" and even a "false flag" operation made by the fascist warlords then blaming someone else and say something too contrary into it!

In fact,
I really notice that kind of genocide as a "false flag" operation. As Ampatuan, in an effort to save face after the incident tried to tell amongst the people saying that he's innocent and blaming the MILF commander Umbra Kato; how come Umbra Kato joined in the scene in Ampatuan-Mangudadatu feud? Just because he's an enemy combatant and be easily blamed for that incident? Perhaps the right tend to say the same idea concept what the perpetrator did, of lying then blaming an "enemy" just to save themselves for their own sake! And killing media practitioners was a means to cover up the "truth" being made.

And according to Jose Maria Sison in his writeup last November 27, it stated that:
"The Ampatuan clan is a prime example of feudal-fascist warlords who are coddled and nurtured by the national ruling clique in order to secure their hold over local populations and resources. The Ampatuans are among the most loyal vassals of the Arroyo ruling clique and responsible for orchestrating the electoral fraud in the region through which Arroyo has kept herself in power."

Somehow as what he have said the landlords tried much in controlling their fiefs using every means to make people under theirs! And based on what being said, being a loyal vassal of a fascist government ensure its loyalty simply by destroying its rival in the political arena, of messing the electoral process, of making a mafia-like action just like massacre, and of treating the entire local government of someone as a personal territory, as Joema said:

"It was Arroyo who gave the Ampatuan clan the authority to recruit and arm civilians to assist in fighting "insurgents" in the region. As a result, the Ampatuans now have a 500-strong army, which includes 200 special armed civilian auxiliary forces, as well as entire regular military and police units assigned to ensure the security of the clan members."

In short,
These paramilitary forces, along with mercenaries are trying to control much with governments blessing and using "anti-insurgency" as its forefront, and somehow killing a rival politician, its supporters and others to them is more of an anti-insurgency!

But not in Maguindanao this kind of media genocide continues. Being second in the most dangerous places for media practitioners, particularly journalists, the Philippines seemed losing its stance on democracy and on human rights when it comes on its own. And being a semi-feudal, semi-colonial society shows that the landlord and the comprador tries to keep its grip in the entire country whether by hook or by crook, carrot and stick and other sorts just to control the people and become ignorant when it comes to politics or economy. If not-only to be end up as cold corpses buried in deep pits while the perpetrators starting to blame other groups to save their faces!

This kind of incident shows that how fascism really controls the country in a guise of democracy. How come the military and the police lately respond to this kind of incident or at worse, not guarding the entire entourage due to that kind of threat that hath led to many deaths? Was the government became apathetic in incidents like these? Well... as what we may expect, this kind of society the Filipino lived throughout the years remains the same despite its modernity. And killing the opposition, especially like those from the media silences the fundamental freedoms vested in the constitution-as well as democracy itself in the entire nation. So what kind of government the Philippines has? It is simply a dictatorship of the higher gentry! A polyarchy as some may say!

To make the long writeup short,
We must not mourn for these martyrs. They are just doing their job. And despite this so-called day of mourning, why not rise up and shout for justice for the victims? Perhaps the rest of the people may shout not just justice, but rather death to the perpetrators of this kind of incident! For a blood debt must also be paid!

"May the martyrs and passion bearers of history may serve as an inspiration to many. What the nation needs is enlightenment not apathy."