Saturday, November 28, 2009


By Lualhati Madlangawa-Guerrero

Watching horror movies becomes a part of a movie viewer's routine, and in every trailer, most tend to keep their money just to buy their ticket and watch especially during its premiere. But not all horror movies are considered as horror, especially in comparing these movies "Then" and "Now."

Since horror films tend to invoke fear from viewers and involve themes of death, supernatural, mental illness and even of blood soaking knives. And some movie makers and writers of that genre tend to create some other plots carrying the same goal into it. However, not all of them end up their works to be called as "Horror," "Gory" and "Suspense" perhaps.

Most of the horror films are based on works created by Lovecraft, Shelley and even Edgar Allan Poe. And even directed by prominent directors like Hitchcock-featuring scary scenes, personalities and dialogues without any effects coming from the computer. Somehow that kind of talent given was more of a long day-effort just to finish; but nowadays it becomes too digital and sometimes lacks something supernatural and instead, more of gory and in a genocidal manner sicne chainsaws and knives soaked in blood became a tool just to invoke fear just like the Texas Chainsaw Massacre or anything being posted on! Perhaps both past and present horror scenes really tend to invoke fear, but the latter made it too realistic and tend to break off from the past wherein horror was supernaturally centric.

Despite more people watching horror scenes and even enjoying it, they didn't distinguish much between horror and suspense films since they look both similar. It's just like comparing "Frankenstein" and "saw", "Dracula" or "Maneater" or even "Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" and "Patayin sa sindak si Barbara;" they may look similar since they invoke the same-but different in content and in the idea-concept. And considering the fact that they tend to make more of a "Shelley" or a "Lovecraft" kind, perhaps they might end up a la "Caparas" or something similar to them! Well... horror films are really of a low budget kind despite the popularity and being discussed.