Thursday, November 12, 2009


by Katleah Iskre Ulrike

It was a usual day for Filipinos to have a visitor, most especially an outsider. However, that outsider somehow seemed too special to every Filipino since it represents the almighty one whose power, wealth and fame dominates the world, "the land of the free and the home of the brave",-and that is the United States of America.

But despite of that special visit lies the perennial problems in ang Bayang Pilipino. Being a semi-feudal, semi-colonial society, the interests of the American imperialists somehow is as if like those of the cold war-setting up unofficial outposts inside the camps of the AFP, training officials like the army, to encouraging foreign investment and after Ondoy and of Pepeng-of continuous charity which in fact a debt or out of an obligation being said so by the UN and a bogus charity coming from USAID and other private institutions in the United States!

Somehow, the US control over the Philippines stunts the ideals of "independence" and "self reliance" in the course of politics, economy and culture-making it rather a neo-colonial both in essence and existence due to its practises. Worst as every president, whether he or she is a Republican or a Democrat, white or black does not think of its own surrounding while at the same time interfering with others just like the wars in Iraq and in Afghanistan, wherein American military tries to become superior although they are beaten by the resistance forces around those countries-what's next? Bragging towards the Russians and the Chinese to start another cold war? Of using North Korea, Iran and other anti-imperialist countries as a cause to start another conflict?
"Humanitarian help to starving ones in American way"

In fact,
In this writeup I have made is out of a news I had read-that the U.S. Secretary of state and former first lady Hillary Rodham-Clinton visited the Philippines in a pretext of disaster management, the peace process in the southern Philippine region of Mindanao, climate change and nuclear non-proliferation; but behind these causes lies the treaties regarding the two countries, especially those of the U.S. military around the country, wherein they continue oppressing the people and doing bogus charity for the sake of "peace and order", "security for southeast Asia", to distributing surpluses to the weak armed forces!
Secondly, that visit involves 5.2 million pesos coming from Uncle Sam for calamity support after the tragedy. That money somehow seemed pleasing to the ears of every Filipino-but it also stunts the self reliance of the same people whom they sought the almighty dollar! Remember-all of these things Uncle Sam offered to Manong Juan has an exchange and not for a free as some may expect, and it may include the presence of the Yankee soldiers as well as tax reductions in U.S. owned and controlled companies!

But then,
Despite of these so called "objectives" regarding the visit, more and more Filipinos are starting to question regarding the interference of Yankees sa buhay ni Manong Juan, for they, despite of their chocolates, green cards and anything American lies the past wherein rapes, murders and other atrocities were set upon against Juan's people! How come every people must be contented despite knowing the atrocity? Are all Filipinos blind while seeing an American with dollars, chocolates and green cards in their hands? Of watching their shows and of acting like one of them-especially on the word "I AM TAKEN" as a means to show that person is in love?

Poster showing the words "Our children should not be the last generation on EARTH.
And U.S.A somehow will be guilty if it happens.

Even in America, most of the people questioning policies are starting to become against the government, starting to uprise and even thinking of a strategy against the government policy-and most of them are even starting to stockpile arms due to the attempts of the government to restrict carrying of guns! According to John Paul Cupp of the North American Committee Against Zionism and Imperialism, he said:

"the loss of national self-determination and the binding of all nations to the yoke of world imperialism and Zionism is the greatest human rights violation."

As what he have said, he opposed U.S. Imperialism as a means to continue the rotten legacy of Finance Capital as well as the Semi-Feudal, Semi-Colonial conditions in the third world, particularly Ang Bayang Pilipino and others! And the visit of Hillary Rodham-Clinton shows how these Yankees tried much in showing something new while keeping the old decrees regarding the Filipino question! Somehow all Filipinos must know the fact that the American system tries hard in enslaving us culturally, economically, and politically thanks to our leaders whose connections with the Yankees made them winners!

Poster showing the words "Capitalists from Worldwide, Unite!"
as oppose to "Workers of the World, Unite!"
And in the middle shows Uncle Sam sitting with a French Businessman and U.K's John Bull.

Through this writeup, Filipinos must awake fully and think about themselves as Filipinos in order to become really independent and not of becoming a neo-colony of the U.S! We may have lands to till and factories to work, but we will become prosperous as long as the system disintegrates and the Yankees are not interfering our independence once and for all. Thanks for the 5.2 million, but we don't need another further policy to curb our genuine self determination!