Tuesday, November 8, 2011

PinoyMonkeyPride, Yellow Magic and the both sides of the same peso

PinoyMonkeyPride, Yellow Magic and the both sides of the same peso

by Anton Dulce

freely translated by Katleah Ulrike

Here lies started a great fight in YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and the entire Filipino cyberspace.

The former, whose YouTube account is named "PinoyMonkeyPride" made Pro-Marcos propaganda viral, the latter, is a former professor of History in the University of the Philippines, who is also a well known supporter of Akbayan, a partylist of Noynoy Aquino.

Strong and realistic are the actions of the "PNP": the fraud made by the Cojuangco-Aquino family towards the farmers of Hacienda Luisita, the responsibility of former President Cory on the Mendiola Massacre, the worst human rights violations made by the military during Cory's term as Commander-in-Chied, and the responsibility of the Cojuangco-Aquino family over the Hacienda Luisita Massacre.

It is important to unveil those videoes, that the propaganda was fiercely invested upon to create the demi-god like reputation of the Aquinos being used by Noynoy in order to win during the last elections. Many were forgetting the fact that that Cory is the second who had worst human rights violations after Marcos. It was also during last elections that the Public Relations team of Noynoy called the Farmers of Hacienda Luisita as "bad", "Paid", "Communist", etc.

On the other hand, there are positive aspect of the counter-propaganda of the pro-Aquino: that the EDSA 1 is the sporadic revolt of the people against an unpopular individual in the history of the Philippines. That millions of Filipinos started the revolt in EDSA and other parts of the country. More people are even showed support in the means of not defending Marcos on that time.

But since they have good points, they also have lies and misfortunes!

The pro-Aquinos, they insulted the victims of Mendola and Haciena Luisita by insisting the militarist line of the Farmers as initiator of the said tragedies, while those who are pro-Marcos, they insulted the millions of victims of Martial law by saying that there's "Democracy" under the Dictatorship. Worse, they call for Economic liberalization as the answer to the rampan poverty due to the rule of the local elites in the country.

The question on Economic Liberalization should be given emphasis in order to know clearly this fight between pro-Marcos and pro-Aquino. They showed that the economy should be entirely opened to foreign investors in order to end the "reign of the oligarchs" (such as Ayala, Lopez, Sy, etc.). They even separate local capitalists to foreign ones.

And Economic Liberalization? That policy was insituted long in the country. That is why Php144.4 billion

gained from the mining companies last 2010, while Php13.7 million are the taxes being paid.

This is even a hell of a kind foolishnes: Look at MERALCO, we simply know it as an electric company owned by the Lopezes and Danding Cojuangco, but they didn't know that PLDT had its share of it, via Pangilinan, that 52% of it is being owned by a foreign corporation. The local and foreign Capitalist are long partners in exploiting the Filipino people.

And if you remember, even Noynoy himself advocated Economic Liberalization through the means of Charter Change. Surely, he's not agressive like those of pro-Marcos individuals and groups because they are already taking place, and yet they estimate the impact of people's anger and resistance.

So, what are watching in the Internet today? Nothing but a fight between the two different sides of the same peso. The Marcoses and the Aquinos belonged to the same class: they are Landlords, they used their powers to favor their cronies/relatives, they are human rights violators, they are coddlers of U.S. in expoliting the country in exchange for their support.

Their rumble today is part of an unfinished rumble between different factions of the ruling class like a game known as "Trip to Jerusalem: especially today that they know each other's weaknesses. And the showing of videoes of "PNP", Although helpful in exposing the blood and dirt under the name 'Aquino', is in the final analysis only an attempt to beautify the name of Marcos.

So it is important to know clearly, both we and others, that the real progress and democracy is not a multiple-choice exam that is limited to "A.) Aquino" or "B.) Marcos". The real struggle for Demcoracy and Freedom is an essay-type exam. And the People should write its own will different from what the ruling class wanted.