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"Tolerating Arroyo and an Underdog of Wall Street"

"Tolerating Arroyo and an Underdog of Wall Street"

"Our Nation is still a servant of American imperialism. The Liberal Party only a puppet of Wall Street."

These are the words pioneer labour leader Mariano Balgos said to the members of Congress of Labour Organizations before going to the underground. These words also mirror the still current tendency being bannered nowadays by the present Liberal Party rule under the person of President Benigno Aquino III.

And as expected, the administration itself, whilst bannering its so-called "progressive programme" uplifting the people and traversing the straight path (daang matuwid), it remained dependent to the wishes of foreign interest, particularly those from the United States if not from China. It somehow become common for us to see how men like Aquino, Roxas, Arroyo be dependent to U.S. wishes regardless of its risks putting the country into trouble.

How wonder why despite the rhetorics, the reforms, the "Pantawid Pasada", the infrastructure, and the rehashes of programs from past administrations all failed to ease the gap between the rich and the poor and instead widening it. Worse, despite bearing anti-Arroyo sentiment, the former President haven't faced arrest, trial nor imprisonment due to her crimes being done against the people-or as other commentators think of: having no bite to Aquino's anti-Arroyo bark.

Speaking of Aquino's toleration of Arroyo's policies, he is still pursuing the same line of import and trade liberalization, privatization of remaining state assets, export of cheap labor, automatic debt appropriations, reliance on foreign debt and investments and call-center-centric progress, or even plunder and corruption from certain officials, and extrajudicial killings as well as several thousand cases of human rights violations.

Weird isn't it for a leader who tolerates past policies regardless of bannering a sentiment called "Change." Yes, there are few changes aside from the face to personalities from Malacanang to Batasang Pambansa, but still does it affect millions of people around the Philippines, especially Metro Manila? The farmers of Hacienda Luisita still cries for land, the workers call for job recall and a just increase in wages, the students from Diliman to the University Belt in Manila chanted Increase for State Subsidies in SUCs and Tuition Moratoriums in Private schools. Yet still the administration, being a vicar of the system remained aloof to the wishes of the people.

I can't explain further more but to sum it all the people are rather creating a road countering what Aquino dubbed as "Daang Matuwid" (straight path), after all it is still "Paliku-liko", "Baku-bako" or still "Under Construction that is likely to be left unfinished. This coming SONA, the administration will still continue its dependency on the wishes coming from Wall Street to the White House that makes our patriots rolling from their graves.

Growing opposition and Social Crisis fuels strife within the System

Growing opposition and Social Crisis fuels strife within the System
Revolutionary Advance and Social Crisis fuels Reactionary Strife

The issues related to the present Aquino administration brings back to focus the continuing and even intensifying factional rivalry among the ruling classes. With this development, the first year of the present administration, claiming that having consolidated its rule in the face of social crisis and splits within the main pillar of the present Landlord-Comprador state, has experienced tremors that possibly resorting to a crumbled pieces. These merely exposes the fact that the ones within the system, the Reactionaries so to speak, are more frenzied than ever over the utter failure of the present administration to stem the persistent socio-economic crisis and the growing tide of opposition from the people. Thus, like the last administration, they increasingly turn to repression.

The Samar-Balay issue, Mar Roxas' appointement as cabinet secretary, the selection of the Ombudsman, the Hacienda Luisita inc. even the Ampatuan Massacre had became an issue within Reactionary circles. So was the negligence to put Arroyo into trial and otehr related issues detrimental to what Aquino speaks of "Daang Matuwid" or a straight way to Filipino progress and stability. We've also wittnessed the Kabarkada inc. a clique of classmates or friends of the President becoming members of the Cabinet that we reminds of the Kamaganak inc. of the first Aquino administration, these somehow aggraviates the crisis instead of easing away out regardless of reforms or measures trying to be enacted.

How wonder such issues within the first year of teh administration failed to solve the persistent socio-economic crisis of the society, yet still Aquino got enough popularity rates out of promises or even the legacy of his parents; obviously, despite the popularity rates the cracks continue to worsen due to both factiuonal strife and failure to counter the cisis prevalent in a society such as a Landlord-Comprador dominated one, otherwise the ones dominating it also worsens it further.

Such actions made long after the first year of the administration are widely considered as illusory, nonsense to the people. Its programs, despite its benefits to a small group are rather not anew but a rehash of programs made during the Arroyo administration. One example is the "Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program" of doleouts, and activity that instead of allocating it to sound programs like subsidies for public education and real social welfare action ones like health care or even workfare be end up rather given directly without any cause except "to stop poverty." If so, on stopping poverty, how come real programs such as Agrarian Reform or a sound Industrial policy, a progressive fiscal social security program, democratized education and distribution of social services are less or unlikely being enforced immediately, or rather say systematically?

The people in every 42,000 barangays around the nation are expected very much that more problems than successes within the present administation will come that most of it involve conflict not just between the rich and poor, but even within the system itself all riddent with corrupt or mis-serious officials who failed to accept the task of serving the people wholeheartedly.

After all, like the past regimes ridden by exposed or unexposed conflicts and rivalries, its very core is simple: countering the growing tide of calls for social change. As according to one article made last January 1988:

"Each faction is trying to outdo the other, showing U.S. Imperialism and the local Local Reactionary classes that is and not the other faction that can save the fast, desintegrating ruling system from further collapse and defeat the forces of genuine social change."

Recalling the past factions such as the Ramos faction, Enrile, and others of the first Aquino regime, the rpesent one, through its quarreling if not warring facitons of Samar and Balay, plus the interfering "Left wingers" like AKBAYAN, of "Right wingers" like those loyal to former President and now Pampanga Congresswoman Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, and even Militarists like ANAD. The desperate call for "Unity" seemed to be unlikely to be realize in a way that the exploitative classes are alloof to heed the call of the people despite parroting populist sentiment.

The system may also continue blaming "subversives" for every kind of direct criticism pointed against the governement in a way like ANAD or any far right group continues to vent rage against the legal Left as "Terrorists" making them similar to those taking up arms and do armed struggle. As expected they parroting the mistakes of the past yet how about the mistakes of the system especially those of the atrocities taken by those who maintaining order? These are worser than the ones they spoke against of.

Well, regardless of justifications, of its so-called successes, changes, or any other sentiments trying to be realized are rather created in pursuit of escapism. The ruling classes and its cohorts have never really learned from history. They may've blamed everything that may call as the root causes of poverty, but as the rotten social order tries to remain intact despite its desintegration, and the opposition continues to grow and strengthening its rampart, all despite the programs or any actions made by the system in pursuit of curbing popular sentiment that is, doomed to fail; the ruling classes indeed can never be expected to admit that it is, their own oppressive, exploitative rule as the root of popular discontent and unrest.

More and more unexpected realities and illusions created by the current regime will come, but the continued advance of the people's struggle is indeed "driving the ruling class, reactionaries out of their wits." The system may call it as "traitorous" in taking everything by the people as an "advantage" but as for theirs, especially since that they are under a bigger entity as a mere matter of moving one's pieces like playing chess, to a proper position, thus the series of internal problems, conflicts or maybe possible reshuffle of officials and cabinet revamps. Just fora sake of maintaining Reactionary presence, foreign interests such as from U.S. or any other bigger entity, of foreign capitalists, all in a guise of "Traversing the straight path", of "Daang Matuwid" thst is, crooked and even going backwards and downwards.

Aquino's Second SONA Once Again a Fanfare Full of Lies and Empty Promises -NDF

Aquino's Second SONA Once Again a Fanfare Full of Lies and Empty Promises*

The Filipino People, not Aquino, Have the Right and Ascendency
to Address and Testify the True State of the Nation

Patnubay De Guia
NDF-Southern Tagalog
July 24, 2011

On July 25, it is predictable that Aquino will go down a storm at the halls of congress. Enthusiastically, his minions and allies will pose as proud and satisfied; the podium on which he stands and his lies shall project him as noble and magnanimous. On July 25, it is predictable that once again Aquino will lie his way into his second State of the Nation Address (SONA).

As an add on entertainment, he may not fail to mention the state of his love life. To glitz up the event, he may raise himself as a man of simple living by already selling his Porsche and with a wishful look will express his hope for the public to "focus more on a much more deserving topic." To hype up his administration's yearlong accomplishments, which goes without saying there are concretely none, he may boast about his poverty alleviation program dubbed as Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps) and his administration's effort of building cases against former President and now Pampanga Representative Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo (GMA). He is sure to launch tirade against GMA, the opposition, his critics and enemies and now and again may reveal explosive social issues to gloss over his administration's lack of achievements. Then, he shall proceed to outline his priorities in the coming year which is again predictable he will tergiversate on the most important matters such as of mentioning concrete solutions to the concrete and long entrenched problems of the basic masses like hunger, homelessness, landlessness and unemployment among others.

But none of his purple prose will and changes nothing. The true state of the nation being miserably suffered by millions of the Filipino people is far from Aquino's abstract concepts of development, fabricated narratives and empty rhetorics. Just six days before his second SONA the prices of gasoline and other petroleum products increased. The prices of food, water and power also continue to rise causing more hunger to a greater number of Filipino families compared to last year when Aquino had just stepped into office. More than 360,000 urban poor families face impending demolition to give way to development projects benefitting local and foreign businesses under Aquino's Public-Partnership Program. Already, not less than 7,000 families in Metro Manila were evicted from their homes and were relocated to remote communities where there are no opportunities for livelihood, education, health and other social services. Budget cuts for education, health and other social services are increased to make them "self-sufficient" and they become accessible only to the privileged. On the other hand, there are hefty increases in military spending, debt servicing and corruption-prone funds like pork barrel and dole-out funds under the CCT program. It is no wonder the youth, farmers, workers and other poor sectors in the country have no place in Aquino's development plan.

Unemployment rate in the country is accelerating. In April 2011, the number of Filipinos jobless and not earning enough from their jobs reached 11.6 million. The Aquino administration only approved a measly Php22 wage hike for NCR in May 2011 compared to the previous administration's Php25 wage hikes in June 2005 and July 2006. Even Akbayan and Alliance of Progressive Labor's Security of Tenure Bill which aims to strengthen the tenure of private-sector workers by amending parts of the current Labor Code is deceptive and further legitimizes the anti-labor measures and policies of the Aquino Administration. Worth noting is Kilusang Mayo Uno's condemnation of the bill. "The real problem here, the real bane to the Filipino workers and people, is subcontracting itself and not the lack of protection from subcontracting. It may be a 'valid business practice' for capitalists but is far from valid for the Filipino workers and people," said Roger Soluta, KMU secretary-general.

In Southern Tagalog, the deplorable condition of the workers remains. It has, in fact, worsened under the Aquino administration. The Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board issued Wage Order No. IV-A-14 on January 2011. However, it brings no significant change in the lives of the workers and their families after Aquino allowed a sharp increase in the prices of food; gasoline, diesel and other fuels; toll fees; services; and other commodities.

While justice for the nine (9) labor leaders that were killed during the Arroyo administration is still not meted out, extra-judicial killings among the ranks of the workers continues. Carlos Rodriguez, union president of Calamba Water District was killed on November 12, 2011 and Celito Bacay, union board member of Maeno Giken, on March 8, 2011, in Dasmariñas, Cavite. Moreover, members of 202nd Infantry Battalion of the Philippine Army (IB PA) are posted inside the industrial enclaves of Calamba and Cabuyao in Laguna; Tanauan in Batangas; and Sta. Rosa. The workers are under further surveillance, intimidation and harassment. These military forces are also involved in the labor dispute at Philippine Steel and the violent dispersal of its workers holding a picket protest on March 2011.

In February 2010, then presidential candidate Aquino said that, he would distribute the family-owned Hacienda Luisita within five years. But in August 2010, two months after assuming presidency he announced a "hands-off policy" concerning the said land distribution. In July 2011, the Supreme Court called for a referendum to determine whether farmers would choose land or stock distribution option. This action is obviously a part of Aquino's plan of evading land distribution. Coming from the ruling class and whose family actually controls the sugar estate, it is naturally against Aquino's class interests to constrict his family's control over the coveted lands which in truth are owned by the farmers themselves as it was acquired though loans from the Government Insurance System on condition that it would distribute the land to farmers after 10 years. But after five long decades, having an own land to till is still a dream for Hacienda Luisita farmers and farm workers.

In the Southern Tagalog Region, in particular, vast lands owned by a few landlords remain to be distributed to poor farmers. At present, there are 394,884-land hectares subject under various cases of land grabbing in the nine (9) provinces covering 76 municipalities and 168 barangays which are controlled by 67 landlords and 49 real estate development corporations. Majority is owned by big landlords and/or belongs to big bourgeois compradors and national bureaucrats investing in the said lands. 50 of the initial documented cases concerning affected agrarian communities are apprehended to evict 156,092 individuals.

This is where Aquino clearly avow that the Philippine Development Plan (PDP) as his administration's blueprint for implementing his 'Social Contract with the Filipino People" is actually his social contract with the same ruling class where his kind belongs that makes up the majority of bureaucracy. For instance, sticking to the globalization policies implemented over the last decades, deepening and broadening privatization through Public-Private Partnerships and implementing social protection programs like conditional cash transfers (CCTs) as PDP's essential economic thrusts benefits not the poor and the Filipino people but primarily the United States and as mentioned, the local ruling class.

Globalization policies are proven to kill the country's already small-scale industries. A case in point is the dying vegetable industry in Laguna and Quezon provinces. Among the 11 provinces that consist the Southern Tagalog Region, Laguna has the highest vegetable production. As a matter of fact it is deemed as the region's "vegetable bowl." The province of Quezon is also the leading producer of vegetable in CALABARZON. Areas in this province that are near Mt. Banahaw are ideal for vegetable farming due to suitable climate and fertile land. However, farmers do not own the limited land they cultivate so vegetable production is not developed and maximized. Farmers don't have the necessary technology they need in production. They also lack significant support from the local government such as post-harvest facilities and farm to market roads. Middlemen and the market itself are exploiting them by arbitrarily pricing vegetable products. With imported vegetables flooding the local market that are cheaper by 30 to 50% because of liberalization of taxes on imports among other reasons, high cost of production and low productivity hinder them to compete commercially.

In the Quezon province, prices of tomatoes dropped from Php40-50 to 50 centavos to Php20. Vegetable production is down from 4.8 million metric tons in 1996 to 3.3 million in 2001. These problems are not only confined within the region. In the past few years, farmers in the Cordillera Region noted a consistent decline in vegetable production. Rice production in almost all parts of the country is affected. Benguet, in particular, calculated a Php2 billion deficit from July to August 2002 in agricultural productivity due to trade liberalization policies.

Aquino administration's plan of deepening and broadening privatization through Public-Private Partnerships lay the ground for diverting public resources for private gain. It also shows Aquino administration's plan of abrogating its responsibility to provide free and accessible social services to the people. Encouraging private corporations to invest in infrastructure, education, health and housing do not guarantee efficient social services. The main objective of private corporations is business; their ultimate motive is profit. By opening social services to the private sectors fewer people can afford and access them.

To top it all, Aquino administration continues to undermine democracy that manifests in the implementation of Internal Peace and Security Plan-Oplan Bayanihan. As the latest counter-insurgency program of the Armed Forces of the Philippines, Oplan Bayanihan is essentially the continuance of the previous Arroyo regime's Oplan Bantay Laya I and II. Under the operative framework of Oplan Bayanihan, intensive military operations are conducted causing extrajudicial killings, arbitrary arrests, enforced disappearances and torture. The culture of impunity that the reactionary armed forces have enjoyed for too long intensified as Aquino is toothless over the legal and judicial system and has no political will to prosecute the perpetrators of human rights abuses, criminals and corrupt politicians that are accustomed to inventing a mix of lies and fantasies in justification of their crimes. Justice for victims of human rights violations is still not realized. Tirso "Ka Bart" Alcantara and Eduardo Serrano are among the 55 political prisoners coming from the region that are awaiting release.

In hindsight, Aquino bragged about the Filipino people being able to dream again during his first SONA. He further maintained during the 2011 Independence Day Parade at the Quirino Grandstand that the country has gone far towards reaching its goal. But his anti-people, anti-poor policies though proves that he is all mouth and those remarks only exist in his dreams. The Filipino people are not downright ignorant or apart from concrete realities that Aquino is hopelessly trying to distort and give new meaning to. In the first place, Aquino has no right to prompt when, what and how the people should dream for his PDP, his social contract with the Unites States and the local ruling class is nowhere near the people's aspiration for peace, justice and development. The Filipino people can address and testify that the true state of the nation is essentially made of an inept and incompetent government subservient to the needs and interests of its imperialist master and the local ruling class while deaf to their very own needs and interests. This, the people can all agree, is nothing but the crooked path.

Aquino himself stated during the 2011 Independence Day Parade that freedom is not simply bestowed to an oppressed nation like ours; it is gained by fighting. But he was wrong to say that it can only be attained by diplomatic and peaceful means. A week before Aquino's second SONA a series of protests are already staged by different sectors in the country against Aquino administration's negligence and ineptness. The women sector and the youth understand that Aquino is insensitive to their needs. The urban poor sector, evicted and facing more eviction in the years to come, recognizes that they have no place in Aquino's development plan. The labor sector is aware that huge profits for capitalists, not job security, decent wages and upholding of trade-union rights, are Aquino's prime concern. The peasant is conscious that a genuine agrarian reform not CARP or its extension will resolve landlessness. Most of all, the exploited class is vibrantly aware that, along with outrage, strong unity and militant struggle is needed in order to liberate the people from hunger, poverty and oppression.

Indeed a war fought for genuine freedom is pressing and necessary. Outside the halls of congress that revere and glorify Aquino are storms of protest brewing from the countryside up to every road, place and community where oppression, repression and exploitation are present. Steadily deepening and intensifying are the masses' strong resolve in continuously waging protracted people's war to topple foreign intervention, overthrow the local ruling class and free the country from its old-aged problem that is feudalism. This is clearly the straight path. This is the revolution.

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Aquino is bound to be swept away by the Filipino people in coming years- CPP (NDF)

Aquino is bound to be swept away by the Filipino people in coming years*

Communist Party of the Philippines
June 29, 2011

As the Aquino regime marks its first year in power, the Filipino people notch another year of continuing hardship, worsening poverty and intensifying oppression under an increasingly repressive regime. They are confronted by a deepening crisis brought about by the Aquino regime's pursuit of the same antipeople and pro-imperialist policies of the past puppet regimes.

The Aquino regime has thoroughly dashed the hopes of those who expected a break from the Arroyo regime's corruption, puppetry and repression. They are dismayed at Aquino's failure to take decisive measures to prosecute and punish Arroyo and her retinue of plunderous officials. With the rise of the "Kamag-anak, Kaklase, Kaibigan at Kalaro Inc."--his herd of favored friends and relatives who are increasingly involved in questionable appointments and anomalous transactions--Aquino is now proving himself to be not much different in terms of his Marcos-type cronyism.

The Filipino people broadly perceive the Aquino regime to be incompetent. They are disillusioned by Aquino's uninspiring leadership style and his complete lack of propriety over the purchase of his multi-million peso sportscar and preoccupation with personal and familial concerns.

On more fundamental issues, the broad masses are outraged over the Aquino government's failure to undertake measures to lift them from the quagmire of poverty, hunger, disease and homelessness. He has allowed foreign oil monopolies to incessantly raise local retail prices of petroleum products. He has allowed hikes in the toll rates of the North and South Luzon expressways which have burdened commuters and public transport operators. Increases in train fares are impending. In stark contrast, he has refused to raise wages despite the spiralling costs of basic commodities and increasing inaccesibility of health care and other services.

Closer to home, not only has Aquino failed to address the decades-long clamor to subject Hacienda Luisita to genuine land reform, he has allowed his family corporation to carry out one scheme after another to deceive the peasants as well as plantation and mill workers into dropping their claim over the hacienda lands with false "compensation packages". He has refused to put up the faintest opposition to the Supreme Court decision granting his uncle Eduardo "Danding" Cojuangco full control over the "coco levy funds" exacted from the coconut farmers under the Marcos martial law regime.

The Aquino regime insists on the completely discredited policies of imperialist "globalization" by pushing for the further liberalization of trade and investment, the privatization of the remaining public assets and increasing role of private and foreign capitalist interests in public infrastructure building. His regime has carried out the forcible and often violent demolition of urban poor shanties in favor of big comprador companies. It has significantly cut budgetary allocations to health and educational services resulting in the further deterioration of public schools and medical facilities. Road-building and other infrastructure projects are granted to favored private interests.

Aquino continues to faithfully abide by the IMF policy of automatic debt allocation. More than half of the government's tax collection is wasted on servicing the Philippine foreign debt, the majority of which has been pocketed by corrupt bureaucrats and crony businessmen. As with the previous regimes, the Aquino regime continues to toe the export-oriented and debt-dependent economic line. It relies on foreign investments to oil the local economy. The gargantuan problem of unemployment is addressed only by sending Filipino labor abroad or through short-term foreign investments in such areas as call centers. It is determined to allow foreign mining companies to plunder the country's natural resources and despoil the environment. It refuses to forge a strategic economic blueprint that would build local industries and achieve self-sufficiency in food and other basic necessities.

Aquino feeds the people with nothing but lies. Among the biggest illusions being peddled by Aquino is that the people will be uplifted from poverty through the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4P), a World Bank-designed multi-billion peso corruption-ridden doleout scheme initiated by the Arroyo regime. Aquino wants the "poorest of the poor" to believe that their poverty could be addressed by dealing them with a few thousand pesos a year without addressing their basic socio-economic problems such as landlessness, unemployment and subhuman wages.

The Aquino regime's "poverty alleviation" program is nothing but a cog in the counter-insurgency scheme designed by his US military advisers along the lines of the US State Department's Counter-insurgency Guide of 2009. The simple and ultimate aim is to draw the people away from the path of revolutionary resistance by feeding them illusions and infusing them with hopes of reform. These schemes are being carried out in combination with the military psywar machinery's "peace and development" hype which camouflages the brutal military operations being carried out by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) in the countryside. The militarist aim becomes clear when AFP soldiers take over the so-called "delivery" of government services.

Aquino has abused human rights rhetoric but has failed to undertake any significant measures to uphold the people's human rights. Not a single fascist criminal responsible for the more than one thousand cases of extrajudicial killing under the Arroyo regime has been brought to justice. Gen. Jovito Palparan remains scot-free despite being responsible for some of the most heinous fascist crimes of the past decade, including the abduction, rape, torture and disappearance of UP students Karen Empeño and Sherlyn Cadapan and peasant activist Manuel Merino; the abduction, torture and enslavement of the Manalo brothers and the campaign of suppression that terrorized hundreds of thousands of people in Mindoro, Samar, Central Luzon and Southern Mindanao.

In failing to even castigate the AFP for the countless crimes committed under the 2001-2010 Oplan Bantay Laya, Aquino has virtually licensed the military to continue its terror campaign. Under Oplan Bayanihan, the AFP continues with its brutal triad of simultaneous psywar, intelligence and combat operations. These operations have victimized civilians, including women, children and senior citizens. So-called "community organizing and peace and development" or COPD operations are conducted in remote barrios where the military imposes curfews, population control and food blockades. The AFP uses hard and soft approaches in its military operations which invariably violate the people's rights and freedoms. Human rights continue to be trampled upon by the AFP on a daily basis.

The AFP refuses to abide by the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CAHRIHL). Furthermore, over the past few months, it has arrested key representatives and consultants of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) in violation of the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG). This has put into question the sincerity and determination of the Aquino government to pursue the path of peace negotiations with the NDFP. The Aquino regime has refused to release 17 illegally arrested and detained NDFP peace consultants despite its January 2011 commitment to do so. More than 300 political prisoners continue to languish in prison.

In contrast to its failure to undertake positive measures to pursue peace negotiations with the NDFP, the Aquino regime has been cultivating ever friendlier relations with the Marcoses and rehabilitating the dictatorship from its well-deserved place in the dustbins of history. Its plan to grant a "heroe's burial" to the dictator Marcos is a grave insult to the Filipino people, a reversal of their historic judgment and a defilement of the 1986 Edsa People's Uprising.

Just like the Marcos dictatorship and the succeeding regimes, the Aquino government is exhibiting shameless puppetry to US economic, political and military interests. It defends the Visiting Forces Agreement, the Mutual Defense Treaty and all other unequal treaties with the US. It continues to allow the permanent stationing of the 700-strong Joint US Special Operations Task Force-Philippines in Camp Navarro in Zamboanga City which serves as its base for its interventionist military operations in the country. It has allowed one nuclear-powered US carrier ship after another to enter Philippine waters and unload thousands of American servicemen.

In hyping up anti-China sentiments over the Spratlys issue, the Aquino regime is playing its role in the US-designed script to whip up diplomatic and military tensions in the South China Sea. Aquino's role in the current brouhaha over the Spratlys was assigned to him when he boarded the USS Carl Vinson in May. The US imperialists' aim is to deploy its reconnaissance and naval hardware in the South China Sea in the guise of "supporting the defense the Philippines" and "modernizing" the AFP as a foil against what it perceives as the growing strategic threat posed by China to US global hegemony.

There is no bright future for the Filipino people under the Aquino regime. Under the current reactionary caretaker of the ruling semicolonial and semifeudal system, the broad masses of workers and peasants, as well as the middle- and petty bourgeoisie will continue to suffer from one grave crisis to another.

The rapid fall in Aquino's popularity shows that the stark realities of poverty, mass unemployment and hunger have exposed Aquino's chicanery and illusions of reform to the Filipino people. Aquino and his regime are being increasingly isolated from the people. Aquino sits on top of the Philippine social volcano that is threatening to explode with intense revolutionary fury. It is only a matter of time before the Filipino people rise up in their millions against the puppet and reactionary Aquino regime.

There is no other recourse for the Filipino people to advance their national and democratic aspirations other than waging mass struggles and armed revolution. The people's mass struggles are steadily gaining ground in both urban and rural areas. The Filipino youth's revolutionary fervor is bound to be reawakened as they seek fundamental solutions to the pervasive social problems.

The CPP central leadership has directed the New People's Army (NPA) to continue intensifying guerrilla warfare nationwide in order to overcome the setbacks, surpass past victories and fulfill the requirements of advancing the people's war to the next strategic stage. The revolutionary armed struggle is bound to absorb thousands of Red fighters as the people's mass struggles intensify in the coming years. On the other hand, the victories of the armed revolution in scores of guerrilla fronts will continue to inspire the people to further intensify their mass resistance.

Because of his antipeople, pro-imperialist and repressive policies, Aquino's hold on power has become increasingly tenuous, even after only a year in power. He is bound to be consumed by the raging fires of the Filipino people's resistance.

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US-Aquino Regime's First Year shows it is worse than its predecessors

US-Aquino Regime's First Year shows it is worse than its predecessors*

Jorge "Ka Oris Madlos"
NDF - Mindanao
July 24, 2011

The promises PNoy made when he assumed the presidency have been proven mere rhetoric. He is nowhere clearing the government of corruption, defeating poverty, upholding human rights and achieving genuine peace and development. He is no different from all preceding puppet reactionary presidents.

The national economy continue to deteriorate. The first year saw the reactionary government in a mad scramble fast-tracking the sell-out of the country’s human and natural resources, privatizing public assets faster than his predecessors. The much-vaunted private-public partnership scheme is selling vital state assets, offering these as lucrative superprofit–raking for local and foreign monopoly capitalist leeches.

Poverty and hunger levels are at an all-time high. Filipinos are repeatedly bludgeoned by surging prices of services and commodities. To cover this up, the Aquino government increased the palliative measures introduced by the US Arroyo regime such as food and fuel subsidies, treating marginal social classes as beggars. This hypocritical insult fails to appease the oppressed and exploited masses from demanding basic reforms, making them ever more determined to fight for their basic interests.

Worse compared to recent years, the people have lost count of the number of oil price increases. The price of rice has increased by over Php2 per kilo and other basic commodities, such as sugar and flour, have similarly jacked-up. The purchasing power of the toiling masses however continuously diminish, as workers’ wages are pushed down below subsistence standard while peasant real income is at the mercy of big landlords and merchant-usurers. The number of underemployed and unemployed are increasing especially with the loss of jobs overseas and the repatriation of OFWs.

Without the institution of true agrarian reform and national industrialization, genuine development is impossible. As can be gleaned from the responses of PPoy to the Hacienda Luisita farmers and workers, the regime’s continued failure to solve the massacre of the peasants in Mendiola and Hacienda Luisita, and its contempt towards a genuine land reform, clearly show the attitude of a “haciendero” president. On Labor Day, PNoy had nothing to offer for the working class. Worse, national industrialization is nowhere in PNoy’s one year agenda.

Free education is becoming ever more an elusive dream for most Filipino families. They are more than ever unable to afford to send their children to school because PNoy prefers to increase the military budget.

The newly enforced Oplan Bayanihan (OPB) – patterned after the US Counter-insurgency Guide - is the Aquino regime’s version of the failed OBL (Oplan Bantay Laya) military encirclement and suppression campaign designed to quell both the armed revolution and the open mass movement. It tries but fails to hide behind the populist façade of respect for human rights “peace and development” to mask its brutal nature.

Since it was launched, the OPB’s Community Organizing for Peace and Development (COPD) – a rehash of OBL’s RSOT - has been deployed in areas perceived to be NPA strongholds or where there are mining, logging and agribusiness interests of the big landlord, big bourgeois comprador and imperialist companies to co-opt, deceive and suppress the masses. Behind its populist talk are intimidation and torture against those they suspect of supporting the revolutionary movement, spawning grave human rights violations against the Filipino people.

In almost all provinces in Mindanao, peasant and Lumad communities are dislocated due to the imposed presence of fascist troops in their homes, schools, chapels and baranggay halls. These COPD activities, accompanied by massive combat military operations, often result in murder, looting and other forms of human rights abuses triggering militant protests and mass evacuations. Militarization is not only confined in the countryside, in cities and town centers, fascist troops under the banner of COPD also encroach campuses and urban communities.

Showing further its militarist colors, the US-Aquino government refuses to honor signed agreements with the NDFP opting for massive military operations and concocting lies against the New People’s Army and the revolutionary movement. It has put forward impediments to the resumption of peace talks and continues to deny the fulfilment of agreed conditions especially the release of NDFP consultants and political prisoners. Similarly, it also dilly-dallies the full resumption of the MILF-GPH peace talks.

On his 2nd State of the Nation Address (SoNA) come July 25, Noynoy Aquino will bombard the people with his litany of lies, but the economic and political realities undeniably characterize his first year in office. Even as his government appears to move mountains in building corruption and criminal cases against Arroyo and her minions, no “big fish” has been jailed yet in one year of his stay in office. And even the most heinous of crimes such as the summary killings, including the hacienda Luisita, Mendiola and Ampatuan massacres remain unresolved. Even as he passes the blame onto the previous regime’s crimes and failures, he cannot pretend to be different as he is just another man of the rulling class and a US stooge.

Our country under Noynoy Aquino’s leadership is headed towards worse times, plunging the entire nation to more plunder, oppression and exploitation. In essence and in fact the US-Aquino regime is no different from all predecessor puppet reactionary regimes and the next five years will prove that he is even worse. The people’s democratic revolution remains the only viable solution to our country’s chronic crisis.

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NPA Frees Man Unjustly Convicted by a Philippine Court; 4 BJMP Officers Held for Questioning

NPA Frees Man Unjustly Convicted by a Philippine Court;
4 BJMP Officers Held for Questioning*

Isabel Santiago
Herminio Alfonso Command,
NPA-Southern Mindanao
21 July 2011

At 4:00 this morning, the Herminio Alfonso Command-Guerilla Front 53 Operations Command (HAC-GF53OC) of the New People's Army in Southern Mindanao has caused the release of Dennis Rodenas as he was being escorted by personnel of the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP)-Ozamis City on their way to the Davao Penal Colony (DAPECOL).

Dennis Rodenas, like many Filipinos, is a victim of the unjust Philippine judicial system. He was arbitrarily convicted by a Government of the Philippines court based on patently false and fabricated charges which were anchored on evidence planted by the Philippine Army-AFP. He was being transported to the DAPECOL to begin his unjust life sentence.

He was intercepted when a BJMP vehicle (plate number SKC 786), carrying him and seven (7) other inmates and eleven (11) BJMP-Ozamis personnel, was stopped at an NPA checkpoint in Maluos, Brgy. Sinuda, Kitaotao, Bukidnon.

Two officers of the Philippine National Police (both graduates of the Philippine National Police Academy or PNPA) and assigned at the BJMP and two other BJMP-Ozamis City jail officers were held and taken for questioning. They are Jail Inspector Murphy B. Todyog (PNPA Class 2008), Jail Inspector Eric D. Llamasares (jail warden, PNPA Class 2007), Special Jail Officer 2 Rogelio E. Begontes and Jail Officer 1 Rolando D. Bajuyo Jr. The rest of the BJMP personnel and inmates proceeded to their direction.

Ten (10) firearms -- 4 Armalite rifles and 6 pistols -- were seized.

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No bite to Aquino's anti-Arroyo bark--CPP (NDF)

No bite to Aquino's anti-Arroyo bark--CPP

CPP Information Bureau
July 20, 2011

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today chided the Aquino regime for "its toothless anti-Arroyo bark. The CPP said Aquino has been employing this as a smokescreen to cover up his failings and placate the Filipino people who are increasingly restive over the worsening crisis and increasing hardships.

"After more than a year, the Filipino people are indignant at the Aquino regime's failure to carry out any significant step to indict, prosecute and punish Gloria Arroyo and her cohorts for the numerous crimes of plunder, corruption, extrajudicial killings and several thousand cases of human rights violations," said the CPP.

"People cannot help but recall that after Arroyo assumed power in 2001, her government was able to indict and arrest former President Joseph Estrada within its first 100 days."

"It is difficult not to notice that in the past weeks, Aquino and his spokespersons have stepped up their tirades about the evils carried out by Arroyo during her nine-year regime," said the CPP. "Aquino's noisy anti-Arroyo barking, however, still raises the question: where is your bite?"

"It appears that Aquino is now stepping up his anti-Arroyo campaign in anticipation of his scheduled state of the nation address where he is to be measured by the Filipino people by what he has done to bring Arroyo and her ilk to justice," said the CPP.

The CPP added: "It is also apparent that Malacañang is now building up noise over Arroyo's crimes in order to draw attention away from its own measures and policies that have resulted in worsening socio-economic conditions and its failure to address the national and democratic aspirations of the people."

"In spite of Aquino's endless attacks against Arroyo, he is, in fact, perpetuating the old economic and political system that Arroyo thrived upon," pointed out the CPP. "He is pursuing the same Arroyo economic line of import and trade liberalization, privatization of remaining state assets, export of cheap labor, automatic debt appropriations, reliance on foreign debt and investments and call-center-centric progress."

"The Filipino people demand swift justice and seek to punish Gloria Arroyo and her corrupt and fascist bunch," said the CPP. "They cannot be satisfied with empty anti-Arroyo rhetoric."

"More important, they demand greater changes in their socio-economic conditions. They demand land reform, more jobs, higher wages, a stop to oil price hikes, and greater access to education and health services, among others."

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Series of tactical offensives of the NPA-Negros Island

Series of tactical offensives of the NPA-Negros Island*

Apolinario "Boy" Gatmaitan Command,
NPA-Negros Island
Hulyo 13,2011

Twenty-one successfully coordinated tactical offensives by the different Guerrila Fronts in the island of Negros under the Apolinario "Boy" Gatmaitan Command in just 31 days from June 5 until July 6, 2010. The most coordinated was the June 12 strike that has an attritive and annihilative nature, punishment of military intelligence assets, criminal elements, ambushes, sniping, harassments and punishment of the destructive foreign mining firms as demanded by the people.
Six high powered rifles (HPRs) and short arms, ammunitions, and other military hardwares were collected by the NPA. There's a total of seven KIAs and 15 WIAs on the part of the Phil Army and the RMG, three notorious military intelligence assets and criminal elements were punished.

The following is the list of the NPA tactical offensives:

July 6- Operatives of the NPA under the Southwest Front, Armando Sumayang Jr Command raided the compound of the Philex Mining Corp and raze the bunkhouse of Drill Corp (contractor of Philex) in Brgy Nabulao, Sipalay City. The NPA helped the occupants of the bunkhouse in taking out their personal belongings, animals before burning the bunkhouse, 2 heavy equipments, generator, 1 Nissan Pathfinder and other equipments.

The security guards were disarmed of 1 Mossberg shotgun with 21 bullets, 2 9mm pistols with 19 bullets and 3 handsets with 2 chargers, 1 metal detector, 1 .357 caliber revolver with 4 live ammos and other mining equipments. Eleven celfons of civilians were also taken but will be returned to the owners in the days to come.

July 3- A sniping operation was carried out by a team of the NPA under the Leonardo Panaligan Command in Central Negros against an operating unit of the 11th IB resting in a hut. The soldiers were gambling "Tong its"(card game) in Sityo Lag-asan, Brgy Tacpao, Guihulngan City. This resulted to three KIAs and 6 WIAs including a certain Roy Salvador (11th IB). A military chopper hurriedly took the casualties to Cebu Military Hospital.

The total opposite are the reported lies of the frustrated script writer and director Col Jonas Sumagaysay who claimed that three NPAs were killed and four wounded.

June 19- A unit of the Armando Sumayang Jr Command punished Ramil "Rigor" Escora of Brgy Tuyom Cauayan. Escora was on the act of unpinnig a grenade when he learned that he will be arrested. Escora was a notorious military intelligence asset and former member of the bandit group RPA involved in a syndicate for goons and guns for hire. He has several cases of murder, hold-ups, manhandling and threats. An apple type grenade, 2 live ammos for shot gun, 1 Nokia celfon and wallet with intel documents was taken from him.

June 18- An NPA unit under the Rachelle Mae Palang Command encountered a unit of the 79th IB in Pamplona, Negros Oriental. There was no casualty on the side of the NPA as maliciosly claimed by Col Jonas Sumagaysay.

June 12- Several units of the NPA under the Leonardo Panaligan Command simultaneously harass the military detachments in Brgy T. Hill in Villegas, headquarters of the 11th IB Bravo Coy in Brgy Buenavista, Guihulngan City, Negros Oriental and in Brgy Libas, Isabela, Negros Occidental.

The troopers of the Regional Mobile Group (RMG) based in Brgy Libertad was operating when a unit of the NPA decided to take the opportunity and executed a fire and maneuver ambush that resulted to 4 KIAs on the enemy with 5 WIAs.

On this day, the NPA also conducted checkpoints in Brgys Bulado, Mani-ak, Buenavista and Hilaitan, Guihulngan, Negros Oriental and in Brgy Mabini, Escalante City, Talamnan San Jose, Toboso and Brgy Malatas Calatrava, Negros Occidental.

June 11- Escalante City. The Roselyn Pelle Command thru a partisan operation punished Eric Matugas, a notorious civilian intelligence asset of the RMG, ex-RPA and was the brains behind a series of hold ups and was a partner of Renante Canete who was punished before.

June 8 and 9- NPA units under the Roselyn Pelle Command, harassed troopers of the 62nd IB in Sitio Calapi and Sitio Tul-angon, Brgy Tabun-ac, Toboso. There was no casualty among the NPA while two troopers of the 62nd IB were killed and three wounded in the encounter.

June 5- The Armando Sumayang Command implemented the order of the Revolutionary People's Court in punishing Titing Pase another notorious intelligence asset of the Phil Army involved in the murders of "scrappers" in Maricalum Mining Corp including three innocent children they dropped in the Sinking Pond of the mines.

These various and assorted tactical offenives of the NPA was carried out successfully because of the unending support of the oppressed and exploited masses victimized by the fascist mercenary troops of the Phil Army and victims of the monopoly capitalists mines that have landgrabbed, destroyed the environment and health of the people.

These coordinated tactical offensives of the NPA, signifies the strengthening and solidity of the NPA in Negros and the whole country. Again this is in complete opposite on the claims and nightmares of Jonas Sumagaysay.

To all Negrosanons, don't be fooled by the "sweet" words and sharp tongue of Marañon who is behind the mining operations in the mountains of Sagay and the shorelines of Sagay and Cadiz that has already dislocated the peasants and fishermen, he's also behind the systematic displacement of more than 8,000 people in Northern Negros Forest Reserve who will be replaced by imported cattle. These are just a few of the reasons of Marañon's request for additional troops of the mercenary Phil Army and PNP in Negros. Surely this is for the protection of their economic and political interest in Negros.

Whatever Oplans the reactionary government is implementing against the revolutionary movement, the Public-Private Partnership Program of the US-Aquino Regime or the Negros First Policy of Marañon will surely be a failure. Even the Oplan Bayanihan of the AFP that terrorized the people will not hinder the advance of the people's war in Negros. In actuallity this will ignite the anger and rage of the people against the system. For as long as there are peasants, workers and fishermen who are losing their livelihood and their dignity to life taken away by this rotten system the armed struggle will continue along the line of the national democratic revolution.

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The CPLA Bogus Reintegration, One More Time With Mutual Feelings!

The CPLA Bogus Reintegration, One More Time With Mutual Feelings!*

Simon "Ka Filiw" Naogsan
Cordillera People's Democratic Front (CPDF)
18 July 2011

Unlike Lazarus, the CPLA gets to be resuscitated from its comatose existence not once but several times. For the nth time, the bankrupt surrender and collaborationist line of the CPLA has been exposed with the latest Memorandum of Agreement between Malacanang and remnants of the moribund renegade group.

To recall, the Arroyo regime signed an Executive Order integrating the total remaining membership of the CPLA then, numbering some 254 from the four rival factions, into the AFP. That number then was dubious -- aside from Conrado Balweg's and Mailed Molina's factions, Rafael Wasan's faction was never composed of CPLA members but merely bad elements, while Sawatang himself was a catechist and never an ex-NPA member. Come now Arsenio Humiding with 1,200 names to be given a P400 million livelihood fund through the auspices of the Presidential Assistant on the Peace Process manned by Ging Deles.

Humiding is also both a victim and a political opportunist -- his dire need for employment is being exploited for sinister purposes by the US-Aquino regime and it's Oplan Bayanihan counterinsurgency scheme. But the GPH of Noynoy Aquino is only talking to itself when it shakes hands with the CPLA, as the resurrected renegade group had already dissolved into the AFP, criminal syndicates and various private armies. Peace talks are held between adversaries, and the CPLA has never been a foe of the government. What is laughable and silly is their empty threat of "going back to the hills" whenever they beg for more financial assistance and projects from the government. Do tell us, what "hills" not currently active with the New People's Army are they talking about?

Cordillera Bodong Administration secretary-general Gabino Ganggangan time and again has declared his disaffiliation from the CPLA in order to twice campaign for the Sadanga mayoralty position he now holds. The Humiding faction's so-called Mountain Province zone commander Banat, also from Sadanga, was always doubling as a CPLA member and a CAFGU paramilitary militia.

Deles and Aquino chose to single-out the Humiding faction over the notorious Molina group that has been linked to drug dealing, illegal logging, gambling protection and other crimes, in order to distance the government from the stained reputation of the other CPLA blocs. Yet there has never been any sign of reform or remorse from the renegade organization that has even been declared persona non grata and banned from Baguio by its city council. In truth, all factions from the start are elbowing each other in order to present itself as the real CPLA representative that will get the lucrative proverbial pie from the government.

Far from being a rebel group--and traitors at that--the CPLA serves as psywar agents to misrepresent the Cordillera peoples struggle and as a special paramilitary force for AFP counterinsurgency operations in the region. Its members were involved in horrible human rights violations such as the abduction, torture, and murder of Cordillera Bodong Association chairman and Cordillera People's Alliance vice-chairman Ama Daniel Ngayaan and the harassments and killings of scores of Cordillera activists and civilians. Various factions of the CPLA serve in the private armies of warlord-politicians in Abra and other Cordillera provinces. In Isabela, CPLA members serve in the private army used by the warlord Dy clan in land-grabbing activities. They figured in the recent past in a misencounter with their rival illegal loggers, a unit of the AFP in the province of Apayao.

As to the claim that the Humiding faction is active in 53 villages, we dare anyone to prove that they have control let alone influence in any ili, dap-ay or ato. Banat himself cannot assert authority in his hometown and supposed base in Betwagan, Sadanga; nor can Humiding state any clout in his bailiwick in Alfonso Lista, Ifugao.

Never really a "liberation army", the CPLA is a criminal armed group used by the military in counter-insurgency operations against the NPA, the rest of the revolutionary movement, and the people. The special economic and disarmament program approve by Aquino last July 4 will never lead to a "cessation of hostilities" or demobilization because in time, the AFP can easily rearm this Humiding 'merger' group as an augmentation force and an adjunct armed force much like the CAFGU and an Ampatuan-like gargantuan private army.

Time and again, the CPLA will never give up its insistence of being the so-called regional security force as stated in the Mt. Data Accord with Noynoy Aquino's mother. Whenever the need warrants, whenever psy-war experts deem them necessary as agents for Oplan Bayanihan, the AFP and Malacanang will revive the spectre of an indigenous hired gun in the future, not unlike zombies rising from the dead.

The Cordillera People's Democratic Front seeks no less than the disintegration, disarming , and punishment of the CPLA for the various abuses and human rights violations it inflicted on the Cordillera people.

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CPP condemns AFP refusal to release Burgos and other abducted activists*

CPP condemns AFP refusal to release Burgos and other abducted activists*

CPP Information Bureau
July 16, 2011

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today condemned the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) for refusing to release peasant activists Jonas Burgos, Karen Empeño, Sherlyn Cadapan and Manuel Merino despite the Supreme Court's issuance of a habeas corpus order directing the military to produce them in court.

"The AFP's refusal to heed the decisions of the Supreme Court shows its continuing contempt for human rights," said the CPP. "It has given the Supreme Court a virtual slap-in-the-face through a simple denial of custody of Burgos,, despite overwhelming evidence showing the direct responsibility of AFP officials and personnel in the abductions."

In successive decisions this month, the Supreme Court ordered the AFP to release the missing activists after finding credible the evidence presented by the families of Burgos, Empeño, Cadapan and Merino which point to AFP units under the 56th IB as responsible for the abduction and enforced disappearance of the peasant activists.

Burgos was abducted by several armed personnel in 2007 while having lunch in a mall in Quezon City. He was forced into a waiting vehicle whose plate number was later determined to belong to a vehicle in the custody of the 56th IB. A witness was able to identify Maj. Harry Baliaga Jr. as "the principal abductor". Baliaga, an Army First Lieutenant at the time of the abduction, belongs to the 56th IB.

Empeño, Cadapan and Merino were abducted in Hagonoy, Bulacan by elements of 24th IB in February 2006. According to Raymond Manalo, who was also abducted by the military but later escaped, he met the three activists incarcerated in a dungeon inside Camp Tecson in San Miguel, Bulacan. He was able to confer with the three who related their ordeals of torture and rape in the hands of the AFP. Manalo said that while in custody, he was confronted by Gen. Jovito Palparan, who issued veiled threats against him.

The CPP said that the military's "refusal to rectify its fascist crimes under the Arroyo regime show the hypocrisy of its so-called advocacy and respect for human rights."

"The AFP is as fascist as ever before in spite of the human rights rhetoric of the Aquino regime and its military officials," added the CPP.

"The Aquino regime has failed to punish even a single element of the AFP responsible for the extrajudicial killing of more than a thousand activist during the Arroyo regime," said the CPP. "Under its Oplan Bayanihan, hundreds of thousands of civilians especially in the countryside continue to suffer from intense military operations being conducted by the AFP under the signboard of 'peace and development'."

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Making Sipalay a Military Garrison to protect destructive mining will encourage more NPA offensives

Making Sipalay a Military Garrison to protect destructive mining
will encourage more NPA offensives*
Andrea Guerrero,
Southwest Negros Guerilla Front,
NPA-Negros Island
July 14, 2011

After failing to protect the environmental destroyer PHILEX Mining Corporations , the AFP particularly the 303rd Bde PA is now calling for the deployment of more troops in the mining areas of Sipalay-Hinobaan-Candoni. The 303rd Bde has recommended to the 3rd ID PA to set up more detachments, patrols and civil-military psy war operations aimed to harass poor peasants who are active against land grabbing and destruction of the environment by the mining giants. The Maranon-Montilla-Alvarez clique has become paranoid even equating destructive mining as favorable to eco-tourism and thus be fully secured by the AFP-PNP.

Cheap serial liar Col Jonas Sumagaysay has now upgraded his script from a fabricator of fantasies to a “war strategist-analyst” of the operations of the AFP vs the NPA but yet his poor understanding of the tenets of guerrilla warfare only expose him as a wheelchair commander and poor student of the science and art of war.

The NPA is a genuine peoples army because it fights for the interests of the people especially the majority who are the poor peasants and workers. The NPA is fed, clothed and cherished by the people, and its 42 fighting years of existence is a testimony of the unwavering broad and deep mass support. The NPA struggles for genuine land reform and nationalist industrialization as the key to real peoples progress, peace and developmet.

The NPA employs guerrilla strategy and tactics against a well financed and armed AFP-PNP which by nature is puppet , mercenary and fascist. Guerrila warfare is an irregular warfare using everything favorable to the NPA like terrain, weather, peoples support, alliances , tactics etc. It’s basic principle runs like this .. “ if the enemy attacks we withdraw, if the enemy camps, we harass, if the enemy withdrew we (pursue) attack.” The AFP-PNP hates fighting guerrilla warfare because of their “gunpowder” mentality and their anti-people orientation. Their gimmicks like medical missions and militarization of social services are designed to deceive and divide the people under Oplan Bayanihan that aims to destroy the revolutionary movement by force or by isolation . Such kind of publicity stunts will ultimately fail.

The AFP-PNP-CAFGUS and the equally fascist private security guards-goons, warlords and the bandit RPA are the best source of weapons of the NPAs and its local militias since it’s founding in 1969 and until now. Analytical wisdom grounded on scientific study of the situation including the enemy’s (moral & capacity) patience and painstaking masswork among the people and alliance work that extend even to some sections of the enemy are comprehensively used by the NPA guided by the CPP to launch tactical offensives that it view as winnable and favorable to the people and the revolutionary advance. Punishing the destroyers of the environment like the giant mining firms is morally correct and part of the peoples agenda for safeguarding and preserving our natural resources, ecology, food supply and livelihood of the masses.

For Sumagaysay and the AFP to belittle the NPA, insult the people and pay homage to the giant mining companies only show their real worth and value—narrow-minded, puppet and mercenary at the core.

The NPA fighting with and alongside the people will frustrate the environmental plunder and aggression of the giant mining corporations again and again.

To bring in more AFP-PNP-CAFGU troops to the mining areas under the operational responsibility of the Armando Sumayang Command will only save the NPA the effort of target acquisition and direct source of arms and logistics. The deployment of more troops will also give way to the NPAs actual training and practicum for launching tactical offensives and alliance work among disgruntled AFP-PNP-CAFGU troopers. Col Sumagaysay”s antics and fantasies that will surely come along with this repositioning of AFP-PNP troops in southern Negros will provide the NPA and the people a good source of jokes for generations to come.

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Video: Libyan women revolutionaries denounce western imperialism, support in Gaddafi

Video: Libyan women revolutionaries
denounce western imperialism, support in Gaddafi

N. Korean group blasts SOFA, demands withdrawal of U.S. forces

N. Korean group blasts SOFA, demands withdrawal of U.S. forces

SEOUL, July 9 (Yonhap) -- A North Korean group dedicated to probing crimes committed by U.S. soldiers in South Korea renewed its attack on the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) on Saturday and called for the withdrawal of foreign troops from the Korean Peninsula.

The statement by the spokesman for the North Headquarters of the Nationwide Special Committee for Probing the Truth behind the GIs' Crimes, stressed that 45 years have passed since Seoul signed the "humiliating" SOFA and that it is time for the agreement to be scrapped.

The state-controlled group had made regular attacks against the bilateral pact and the South Korean government in the past.

The message, carried by the North's official Korean Central News Agency, also reiterated Pyongyang's demand that all U.S. troops leave South Korea. It claimed the revelation of chemical defoliants that were secretly buried in the country is the direct result of the military occupation of South Korea by the United States.

"SOFA is an unprecedented document proving that South Korea is a colony of the United States and its existence is a shame not only on South Koreans but on all other Koreans," the group said.

The agreement was signed on July 9, 1967 and governs the legal status of U.S. soldiers, their staff and families stationed in South Korea. Some 28,000 U.S. troops are currently stationed in the country to deter North Korean aggression.


Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Strong earthquake rocks already-damaged Japan

Strong earthquake rocks already-damaged Japan*

Saturday, July 09, 2011

TOKYO (AP)-- A strong earthquake with a magnitude of 7.1 hit Japan's northeastern coast on Sunday, prompting a tsunami warning for the area still recovering from a devastating quake and killer wave four months ago.

Residents in coastal areas were warned to evacuate, but there were no immediate reports of damage.

The quake hit at 9:57 local time (0057 GMT), and a warning of a tsunami was issued for most of the northeastern coastline. The epicenter of the quake was in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Japan's main island, Honshu, at a depth of about 6 miles (10 kilometers).

Japanese officials predicted the quake could generate tsunami of up to 20 inches (50 centimeters), but the initial waves were only about 4 inches (10 centimeters).
Japan's northeastern coastline was devastated by an earthquake and tsunami on March 11 that left nearly 23,000 dead or missing and touched off a nuclear crisis at a badly damaged facility in Fukushima.

Officials said there were no reports of abnormalities at the Fukushima plant caused by Sunday's quake. Airports in the area were also functioning normally.

Japan is one of the world's most earthquake-prone countries. Dozens of strong aftershocks have been felt since the March 11 disaster, which measured a 9.0 magnitude and was the strongest in Japanese history.

Sunday's quake registered 4 on the Japanese scale of 7, meaning it was felt as moderately strong. Because of the damage from the March quake and tsunami, however, many buildings in the area are structurally weak and seawalls have been destroyed, making the region more vulnerable to relatively weaker quakes.

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Kim Il Sung Praised as "Sun of Juche" -KCNA

Kim Il Sung Praised as "Sun of Juche"

Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- President Kim Il Sung is the father of socialist Korea and the eternal sun of Juche who founded the immortal Juche idea, successfully carved out the destiny of the country and the nation along with the era of independence and laid a solid foundation of socialism, says Rodong Sinmun Saturday in a bylined article.

Thanks to his outstanding wisdom, unusual pursuit and extraordinary revolutionary practices, the Juche idea turned into a torch illumining the world and a treasured sword changing it, the article said.

It went on:

As the Juche idea guided the 20th century, the Korean revolution could win victories despite ever-changing political situation and the last century could shine as one of victory of the cause of independence against imperialism.

The President's revolutionary idea is demonstrating its immense vitality in the new century, too.

The greatest feat of the President was that he provided the powerful driving force of the revolution and built socialism centered on the popular masses.

It was thanks to the President's leadership believing in the people and relying on them that there created the history of overwhelming victory over aggressors and the heroic epic of epochal miracles and changes.

The history of the President has been successfully carried forward even in the 21st century by leader Kim Jong Il .

A steady continuity is being given to the history of the sun as there are the ideology and leadership of Kim Jong Il who is identical to the President.

Socialist Korea bequeathed down by the President is demonstrating its might as a political and military power based on single-minded unity.

The DPRK, small in territory, has had access to nukes and launched its own satellites and is now dashing ahead toward the high eminence of a thriving nation. This is a shining fruition of Kim Jong Il 's noble patriotism, ardent enthusiasm and attack spirit of Mt. Paektu.

Victorious Xinancha Battle -KCNA

Victorious Xinancha Battle

Pyongyang, July 9 (KCNA) -- On July 10, Juche 25 (1936), the main unit of the Korean People's Revolutionary Army (KPRA) fought a battle against Japanese policemen in Xinancha, Fusong County, under the command of President Kim Il Sung .

The battle was aimed to contain the enemy militarily and capture weapons needed for the newly formed division of the KPRA.

The President planned to launch the attack on Xinancha between noon and one o'clock in the afternoon during which the policemen were supposed to have their lunch and clean their rifles.

Two assault parties and one covering party were formed for the attack.

The members of one assault party, disguised in peasant straw hats and clothes, approached the mud wall and quickly passed through the gate.

They then broke into the police barracks and captured policemen absorbed in rifle cleaning.

Another party dashed into other place and took policemen prisoner.

The victory in the battle demonstrated the fighting capacity of the KPRA. It also served as an important occasion in rallying broad segments of people to provide favorable conditions for the establishment of a stronghold in Mt. Paektu, and in improving the KPRA arms.

Rabindranath Tagore, Marxist

Rabindranath Tagore, Marxist

By Sanjib Sinha

July 9 2010

Tagore's fans in India categories his writings arts and his philosophy as being gandhist, liberal. These trends have existed for a long time , so that presently common people too in India mention Rabindra arts and his thoughts as being the same as ghandhism , liberal, illogical pacifism. The main thing is that common Indians think Rabindranath is an adjusting artist to class divided society. However the truth is not that. Specially when I read Tagore's Russian letter (Russia’s letter) I see the truth is He was an ultimately a Marxist. He used to hate western imperialism western policy of using “force” without judging time, reason conditions etc., class divided capitalists state system, feudalism. Even the poet had got when no scientific logic can allay that society’s crisis, only religion could keep the divided society alive. That’s why Tagore supported and believed in atheism too.

From 11 sept. 1930 to 25th sept. Rabindranath toured Russia. Many anti communists anti socialists at that time tried to scare to not to tour Russia. They said him that soviet was a state of Bolshevik dictators. Foods were not good there etc. Nonetheless Tagore went to vist

the Soviet Union. According to world poets view soviet was workers peasants common peoples true real holy place. To see that holy place the poet had to go there. According to his view Russia of that time was a war ground to make a new classless state and also a classless world against all old class divided societys beliefs, international capitalist wickedness, cheating, personal, family’s profit loss culture!

Tagore mentioned that the best way to liberate oppressed people of this world is socialist education. His view was soviets socialist education was not only liberating that states people, it was also expanding worldwide to liberate worlds oppressed people. And the great Russian revolutionary communists had taken this liability. They faced many troubles many difficulties but did not look back . This was a great asceticism according to his view!

World poets view was Russia of that time was busy with education, farming, machines because all needed work, cloths home and education. Then only socialist soviet would last and it would be an inspiration to world workers peasants to build a communist society.

His view was soviets education did not make only pundits but it made thousands and thousands human. Soviet attached education labor health well being with life.

His view : Personal independence would be present there but one persons independence of enjoyment should be restricted. The excess would be had by common people. Independence would be present there but selfishness wont be there. According to his view soviet meant peoples unity. Difference is absent there. In capitalist civility rich self centered peoples unlimited greed must call utter poverty, envy/ slaughter. In this society competion is greater than co operation. One class competes with another class. One state competes with another state.

He did not equate workers peasants dictatorship with those bourgeoisie dictatorships. He felt proletariats dictatorship is needed to remove all types dictatorships of class divided state and this dictatorship only can establish classless communist world. Soviets Marxist economy was an economy to make oppressed human.

According to his view soviet is the only state would fight for the interest of world common people. It did till it lasted.

Was there any Indian poet and philosopher more Marxist than Tagore? To know Marxism tagore must be read first. In his russias letter application of Marxism Marxist economy had been expressed. Tagore and Marxism are not different. Rabindranath is ours world workers peasants proletariats. He is not for that bourgeoisie liberal class .

To know his revolutionary philosophy more clearly his another Bengali writing “RAKTA KARABI” must be read.

Red salute to Marxist rabindranath !


Sanjib Sinha from kolkata

KCNA Dismisses S. Korean Media′s False Report

KCNA Dismisses S. Korean Media′s False Report

Pyongyang, July 8 (KCNA) -- Dong-A Ilbo, south Korean conservative newspaper infamous for its plot-breeding and hackwork in the world, released a false report on July 5 that the DPRK smuggles drugs to China and it has systematically produced drugs at state approval.

This whopping lie can be told only by those steeped in the idea of confrontation with fellow countrymen and fabrication of lies to the marrow of their bones.

Such social problems as drug use have never existed in the DPRK.

The DPRK, a signatory to the international conventions on drug control, strictly controls hallucinogenic and other drugs under international law as well as domestic laws and regulations.

What should not go unnoticed is the background against which such false report was released.

The people in the DPRK are waging an all-out drive to open the gate to a thriving country by effecting a surge in improving the standard of people's living and economic construction.

But the south Korean puppet group groundlessly pulled up the DPRK over "drug issue", an intolerable provocation prompted by its sinister aim to tarnish the image of the DPRK and put a brake on its drive to build an economic power.

The group is making desperate efforts to attach all kinds of labels to the DPRK while trying to plug even China into this plot. This is aimed to find a pretext for justifying the "May 24 measure" taken by it and drive a wedge between the DPRK-China relations favorably developing on a daily basis.

South Korea is a den of drug-related crimes.

Not only university students, company employees, housewives but even teenagers are get addicted to drugs with all kinds of drugs spreading in south Korea.

It is worth recalling that a "hallucinogenic party" was held by drug-addicted university girl students with foreigners, stunning society. There are increasing voices deploring that drugs undermine not only people's mental and physical abilities but social foundation.

The south Korean group of traitors had better ponder over the consequences to be entailed by their sordid moves to escalate the confrontation with fellow countrymen and plot-breeding operations against them, before bringing disgrace to itself.

Anniversary of Demise of President Kim Il Sung Editorially Observed -KCNA

Anniversary of Demise of President Kim Il Sung Editorially Observed

Pyongyang, July 8 (KCNA) -- Major newspapers Friday editorially commemorate the 17th anniversary of demise of President Kim Il Sung.

The President was an extraordinary statesman and peerless patriot who provided all foundations and wealth for the Workers' Party of Korea, the revolution, country and nation to always emerge victorious with his clairvoyant wisdom and energetic leadership, Rodong Sinmun says, and goes on:

The army and the people of the DPRK firmly grasped the personality of the President as the peerlessly great man through a protracted struggle and enshrined the unshakable faith that they were sure to win when they did as taught by him.

The on-going gigantic struggle for building a thriving nation goes to clearly prove the scientific accuracy, validity and tremendous vitality of the last instructions given by the President.

Leader Kim Jong Il is leading the drive for effecting a great surge to successfully implement the last instructions of the President and demonstrate the country before the whole world.

It is a decisive guarantee for carrying out the behests of the President to remain true to Kim Jong Il 's leadership.

It is necessary to take the behests of the President as a maxim of life and struggle and devotedly protect him politically and ideologically and uphold his leadership with loyalty.

It is also necessary to powerfully demonstrate the revolutionary spirit of Songun Korea which successfully implements the behests of the President with the leader, the army and people in a single-mindedly united integral entity.

Minju Joson calls upon all the servicepersons and people to always hold the President in high esteem as the sun of Juche and carry on their dynamic struggle to accomplish his cause, the revolutionary cause of Juche under the leadership of the party led by Kim Jong Il .

Foreigners Praise Kim Il Sung′s Feats for Times and History -KCNA

Foreigners Praise Kim Il Sung′s Feats for Times and History

Pyongyang, July 8 (KCNA) -- Foreigners who visited the Kumsusan Memorial Palace, sacred temple of Juche, highly praised the greatness of President Kim Il Sung who performed undying feats for the times and history.

Kalevi Wahrman, chairman of the Finnish Communists' League, wrote in the visitor's book: Comrade Kim Il Sung , eternal President of the DPRK, devoted his all to the Korean people and the socialist cause.

Vishwanath, secretary general of the International Kim Il Sung Prize Council who is director-general of the International Institute of the Juche Idea, said that President Kim Il Sung 's founding of the Juche idea was the most brilliant of his exploits.

Pavel Ovsyannikov, head and chief conductor of the "Orchestra of the 21st Century" of Russia, said:

Comrade Kim Il Sung was a distinguished great man. The Korean people and other progressives of the world revere him as the eternal sun.

Basuki Yusuf Iskandar who visited the DPRK at the head of the Indonesian delegation of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, said:

President Kim Il Sung built the country of the people. He was a genuine popular leader and kind-hearted father.

Anders Karlsson, chairman of the Communist Party of Sweden, wrote in the visitor's book: President Kim Il Sung was a distinguished leader of the Korean people and the international communist movement. He is always remembered by mankind as the great sun.